Shout if From the Rooftops

Ask for SupportLet’s face it; telling other people about our weight loss plans is scary.  What if they laugh, what if they tell us we can’t do it, or worse yet, what if they hold us accountable?  I think the thought of being held accountable is the scariest of all of those possibilities.  However, I have learned over the last twenty-seven months the key is accountability, not just for me, but for anyone trying to accomplish any goal.

In the past, I was not anxious to share any weight loss plans with other people because I did not want to have to feel guilty about a poor food choice I might make or because I was not exercising like I should be.  Where did this get me?  NO WHERE!!!  If your family and friends know your weight loss intentions, they will likely hold you accountable to make the right choices.  Frightening, huh?  The great thing is that they will most often do this in a very loving way.  The neat thing is that they often hold you accountable without ever saying a word.  Just the fact that my friends and family know my plans prevents me from eating things that I shouldn’t or being lazy and skipping a workout for no good reason.

This time around, I made sure I told everyone around me that I was doing Weight Watchers and exercising, even when I could barely exercise at all.  I was worried that people were going to be pointing a finger at me if I ate a “guilty pleasure” food or chastising me on the days I did not exercise.  I actually found the exact opposite to be true.

Once the people around me were aware of my intentions, they were all very anxious to help and NO ONE was looking to sabotage me or make me feel guilty.  My family and friends love me and care about me and they were all very willing to do whatever they could to support my efforts to be healthy.  From walking with me when I could barely complete two laps at the mall to making sure they did not tempt me with food I should not have, I have had an awesome support network from day one!  Interestingly enough, when the people around you start to see you making progress, they actually tend to put out more effort to encourage you.

The important change I made this time around was getting past my embarrassment of sharing my journey with other people as well as developing an understanding that I absolutely had to have accountability in order to stick with any program.  Accountability is just one of the many reasons that Weight Watchers has been such a great program for me.  I NEED the accountability of going to my meeting each week and stepping on the scale.  I ALWAYS attend the same meeting each week and I have NEVER missed a meeting.  What this has meant is that many people have seen my transformation taking place and it’s always in the back of mind that people are going to be watching me at my meeting and looking for change.  I guess in some ways, this can be perceived as “pressure,” and I guess it really is, but for me, it has been good pressure.  Also, knowing that I am going to have to step on the scale every week and see my weight in black in white has helped to keep me focused.

Step one is to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!   Step two is to rally as much support for yourself as you possibly can.  Shout it from the rooftops that you plan to lose weight and get healthy.  You will be surprised to see that most people want you to be successful and they are willing to help in any way they can.  They just have to know your intentions.

Greatest Weakness

Finally, there will always be one or two who are looking to tear you down or even sabotage your efforts, usually because they are envious of your resolve and determination.  What do you do about these people?  I found myself faced with disassociating with some people because their negativity did not support my efforts.  If this person is a spouse or family member, disassociation is not always a possibility and can be a little trickier to navigate.  If you are in a situation where you must deal with a negative person, belief in yourself is critical to drowning out their negativity.  Keep yourself grounded in as many positive thoughts as possible.  It has helped me to build my faith in God over the course of my journey as well as seeking out other success stories to inspire me and reciting positive mantras every day.  And hopefully, this blog will serve as another source of encouragement for you.

All Things Through Christ

Declare it to the world that you are going to be successful at losing weight and see how far your declaration will take you!

Important Weight Loss Muscle


  1. Accountability is so important on many levels. Whether it pertains to weight loss, exercise, eating healthful foods, doing schoolwork or chores etc. It keeping it honest moves us forward. It’s never too late to be what you might have been.

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