Pushing Past The Plateau

Harder the StruggleThis week I am focused on trying to push past the plateau that I seem to have been at for the last year.  Given that I lost 150 lbs in sixteen months and in the last year I’ve only lost 12 lbs, you can imagine how frustrated I am.

I am trying to take an honest assessment of what I am doing and figure out what I might need to change in order to get “un-stuck.”  First I should tell you that my doctor does not see a great need for concern as he says that given the tremendous amount of weight I’ve lost, my body has to go through some adjustments and that because I haven’t experienced any re-gain, he feels that everything is fine and that I will get past this point.  That is good news and I believe you should always seek the advice of your doctor before starting and while on your weight loss journey.  Unfortunately, the doctor’s feelings don’t make me any less frustrated.

I feel like one of my problems is being stuck in a food rut.  I tend to find foods that I feel are “safe” for me to eat, I get comfortable eating those same things all of the time and before you know it; I’m eating the exact same things day in and day out.  I know this may sound silly, but when your weight has been out of control and you reach a point where you feel like it is somewhat under control, it can be scary to branch out and try different foods.  I also tend to eat all throughout the day (small portions), but I am not good at eating actual meals all of the time.

I am told that another issue may be the exercise I’m doing.  Some people have told me that because everything I was doing in the beginning, exercise wise, was a challenge to my body, the weight came off faster.  Now that my body is accustomed to the exercises I do, it’s not being challenged anymore, so I’m really just maintaining my weight.

My goal as we get going in 2014 is to work on both things and see if I can get my body losing again.  As I said on Friday, I was happy that my weight did not go up; that’s always a good thing, but it was also another week of being stuck in the exact same place (or at least feeling that way).

I am trying to get past my fear of eating different foods and branching out with my diet a little bit.  I have just recently started eating plain non-fat Greek yogurt with a half tablespoon of honey to sweeten it, and it is quite good.  I also found a cereal that is only 2 Weight Watchers Points Plus per serving, I use Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk with it and it’s very good.  I am searching out recipes and new food ideas and I will be posting my finds under the “Recipes” tab.  In addition, I am  making a point to try to eat more regular meals rather than eating all throughout the day.

I am also trying to change-up my workouts.  I am alternating walking at a moderate pace and sharp incline on the treadmill some days with jogging at a faster pace and lower incline on other days and combining each method with the weight training I normally do.  I am also going to be starting water aerobics in the next few weeks.  I have done Zumba before and enjoyed it a lot, so it may be time to give it a try again.

All I know to do is keep trying different foods and different types of exercise.  I am hopeful that one day soon, I am going to be losing again.  It is really important to me to get rid of this last 57 lbs in the coming months so that I can turn my focus to maintaining my new healthy weight and my new fitness level.

I know that EVERYONE eventually reaches a plateau in their weight loss journey, and I am no different.  I also know that there are ways to push through and as frustrated as I am, I certainly have no intention of giving up before I find the right way for me.  I have come way too far to turn back now.  In fact, I think whether you’ve lost 5 lbs or 50 lbs, you’ve come too far to turn back.

I am hopeful that some of you have already pushed through your plateau and you might have some helpful suggestions for me.  If you haven’t gotten to a plateau yet, maybe I can help you by sharing how I get through mine so that you don’t struggle so much when you get there.  I will keep you updated in the coming days and weeks and look forward to your food and exercise suggestions.

Slow Progress


  1. Myra Wood says:

    Kassie, I admire you for not giving up after a year of being at a plateau. I’ve never stayed at one weight that long!! 🙂 From your pictures, I’d never guess you have another 50 pounds to lose. I think you look great. I understand about branching out to new foods. I have had to do that, as well. Especially when I decided to give up breads. I like poached eggs for breakfast now and then and wondered how I could eat them without a yummy piece of buttered toast? Somewhere I read about serving them on a bed of steamed spinach, tried it and loved it. PLUS, I got in one serving of vegetables as well.!!! All I can say is just be courageous and explore. Look forward to seeing new recipes! As for me, I am currently at 212, down from a top weight of around 250 some 10 years ago. I decided over Christmas that 2014 would be the year I would get my weight down to a reasonable and healthy number. So that is my goal for the year. I don’t have a specific number in mind yet…. Will determine that as I get closer to where I need to be. Take care. Love you. Myra.

    • Thank you so much for your support Myra! I really appreciate you taking the time to read the blog and hope you are able to find some inspiration here. Thank you for the food advice. I am really trying to get better about branching out and not eating the exact same foods every day. I’m getting better…just need to keep working at it. I’m glad to hear how far down your weight is. That’s great! Congratulations on your decision for 2014 to be your year! Proclaiming success is the first step to being successful. I look forward to hearing about your progress. Love you too!

  2. Johanna B says:

    I can’t yet imagine the frustration of being in a plateau. I am still losing regularly but I feel for you and look forward to seeing how you work through your plateau and start losing again.

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