Who’s That Girl?

Never Too LateWeight loss offers us so many rewards, health related as well as cosmetic, and all of them make the hard work worthwhile.  I have to be honest with you though, sometimes, those cosmetic rewards motivate me far more than the health rewards.  I know that sounds bad, but I am just being truthful.

I had two very motivational experiences today; one cosmetic and one health related, and I want to share them both with you and hopefully they will offer you some motivation as well. Today I will talk about the cosmetic motivator and tomorrow the health related motivator.

First and foremost, let me say that I DO NOT believe that looks are the most important thing about a person!  There are so many qualities that make up a person and looks are just one small part of those qualities.  That being said, I think if we are all being honest, we would say that looking better is one of the reasons we want to lose weight; myself included.  I think if we all keep this aspect of our goal in perspective and realize there is no such thing as a “perfect” look, it’s ok for looking better to be part of our goal.

My boyfriend Michael and I were at lunch today when I spotted a lady I worked with several years ago and when I weighed 370 lbs.  As we were leaving the restaurant, I walked over to speak to her and she had absolutely no idea who I was.  When I told her my name, her mouth dropped open.  She said, “I did not recognize you at all and if you had not spoken to me, I would have never known it was you.”  I have to tell you, it made my day to see that proof that I really am transforming.  I realize that many of you may not have enough weight to lose that you would literally be unrecognizable to someone you had not seen in a while, but it’s amazing what even a ten to twenty pound loss can do to transform your looks.  It was also nice to see the look of pride on Michael’s face and for him to tell me once again how proud he is of me.

My former co-worker’s reaction gave me some things to contemplate this afternoon.  I started to really think about the fact that there are so many people I have known over the years who only know me as 370 lb. Kassie.  I think back on that time in my life and how I felt un-recognizable to myself when I looked in the mirror.  I can remember looking at myself and literally thinking, “Who is that?”  Now to look back and realize that is the only way many people know me makes me feel like none of those people ever got to know the “real” Kassie.  I also thought about how I will never again in my life encounter the majority of those people and how they will always remember me as someone I never really was.  Of course, I know that I cannot dwell on the past.  All I can do is focus on being the person I want to be and the person I know God designed me to be, but it did make me a little sad to think about never having a second chance to make a first impression.  On the flip side, it was nice to hear Michael say, “I never knew “that” Kassie; I only know this Kassie.”  Granted, he has seen me lose about 80 lbs, but I am SO very thankful he never knew me at my heaviest.

What I want you to realize is that when you are struggling and when it feels like you just can’t keep pursuing weight loss because you have too far to go, there are some really beautiful rewards waiting for you at the end of and as you approach the end of the tunnel.  Those rewards make every bit of sacrifice worth it!  It’s great motivation to imagine yourself already thin.  Think about running into those people from long ago and them not realizing who you are because you have transformed yourself.  Keep imaging yourself in that perfect outfit and imagine yourself feeling incredible confidence and self-esteem.  You WILL experience ALL of the wonderful rewards and they will ALL be worth it!!!

 The Person You Want to Be


  1. My husband and I went to an event where we saw people we only see once or twice a year. I had lost about 80 lbs. One man asked my husband if he’d gotten remarried!

    The first time he took me to Turkey to meet his family (I was probably down about 50 lbs at the time) I could hear one of his relatives say in Turkish “she’s not fat”. I started cracking up laughing. It felt great!

  2. Thanks for the inspiration. So glad I’ve found your blog. Have struggled with weight my entire life (I’m 51). Have lost
    35 lbs since last fall…and this time I feel like it’s going to stick!! Fifty more lbs to go….

    • I’m glad you found the blog too Alisa! Thank you so much for reading and I hope you continue to find inspiration here. Best wishes on your journey!!!

  3. Kassie – I am very inspired by your story – as one of the people who worked with you before – I am ashamed to say I didn’t know you personally, other than by observation that you were an excellent employee and parent. I had no idea what was going on in your personal life or the reasons behind the weight and am sorry for all the pain you’ve gone through. I also am very proud of what you have accomplished! I continue to struggle with my weight, and know that especially since I’m getting older, I am facing possible diabetes issues if I don’t do something now! I’ll continue reading your blog and gaining insight and inspiration from it! Kudos to your dad for his excellent example, it is something my husband and I have discussed as neither of our parents did any type of exercise and therefore we never developed those habits young. I’d like to go back to when our kids were young and start setting an example for them. Take Care!

    • Leigh Ann,
      Thank you so much for your kind words. Please don’t be ashamed that you didn’t know my personal struggles. Honestly, my closest friends and family didn’t even know all of the things I was going through as I was too ashamed to tell them. The good news is that I feel like I have come out on the other side much better for all that I went through. This journey has been a powerful one and I want to do anything I can to help others be successful. If you have your health, you have everything. I wish you all the best with your own weight loss and I am here if there is anything at all I can do to help you. Thank you so much for taking the time to follow the blog and I hope you can find some inspiration here. You take care as well!

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