Set Your Goals in Stone

A Goal Without A PlanI thought since we are half way through January, now would be a good time to evaluate our goals and how we are progressing.  I for one cannot believe it is already the 16th!  Time flies…

I spent some time today thinking about the goals I have for myself for this year and how I plan to accomplish those goals.  One thing that I realized is that it IS the 16th of January and I have as yet to write my goals down and make a clear plan for how it is I plan to reach them.  Not a good way for me to set an example for others!

What I know for sure from past experience (not just weight related, but life in general) is that if you do not put your goals in writing with clear steps of how you intend to reach those goals, you are very unlikely to reach them.  For instance, if you say, “My goal for 2014 is to lose weight,” that’s a great goal but there is a lot of missing information that is necessary for you to achieve this goal.  How much weight do you intend to lose?  In what time frame do you plan to lose the weight?  What steps are you going to take that will enable you to lose weight?  Do you see that without a clear-cut plan, your goal is basically just a wish?

Another very important part of goal setting is to make sure your goals are attainable.  If you set the bar so high that it is absolutely impossible to reach it, you are going to get discouraged and give up before you’ve even gotten started.

You must also believe that you are capable of achieving your goals.  You have to believe you are going to do it and proclaim you are going to do it.  I was speaking to someone the other day who is just beginning their weight loss journey.  This person said to me, “I can only walk 5 minutes per day because of my size.”  I begged this person to not speak in a self-defeating way about the work they are doing.  I said, “You need to say, I walk 5 minutes per day and as I get fit, I will increase my time accordingly.”  Never talk about the work you are doing to reach your goal as though it is not enough or that you are not good enough.  Any efforts you are making towards reaching your goals are good and you need to speak of those efforts in a positive way.

Some things to consider when writing down your goals; make sure they are specific and measurable; make sure they are possible and attainable; make sure your goals are personal as you cannot set goals for anyone other than yourself; make sure your goals have a timeframe in which to be completed; and finally, make sure these goals you are setting mean something to you.  If your goals are not meaningful, you are not likely to achieve them.

As we all know, life can sometimes throw us curve balls and get us off course.  That is normal and to be expected.  Without a plan in place, how will you know how to get back on track when the dust settles?  That is why it is so important to get your goals set in stone.

It's A Dream

I am going to spend the next few days getting my goals written down along with a clear plan on how and when I intend to achieve them.  I encourage you to do the same and I look forward to sharing mine with you over the course of the next week.

Setting Goals


  1. Johanna B says:

    My first (and primary) goal for 2014 is to remain excited about the WW program for the entire year. I plan to do this by attending one meeting (at least) per week, reading program literature, using my WW cookbooks to try new foods, and reading WW blogs. I also read all the success stories I can find to learn something from each one. That’s how I found your blog – reading your success story on It Sux to Be Fat. Have a great weekend.

    • I LOVE your goal Johanna! I am trying to do the exact same things. I’m also making a point to take notes in my meetings. I hear so many great ideas from my fellow members and I feel like I am passing up a wealth of information if I don’t write down some of the wonderful ideas I hear in my meetings. Today will be my first day doing Simple Start. I’m excited (but a little scared of not “counting”). I’ll let all of you know how it goes. You have a great weekend as well!

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