Frustrating Friday

Keep OnIt’s Friday and that means it’s my Weight Watchers meeting day and weekly weigh-in.  I always look forward to Fridays, even if I don’t think I’ve had a great week, because it’s my day for my accountability check and it’s my day to see so many friends at my meeting.

I was holding out high hopes for today’s weigh-in that maybe I would finally be breaking past my sticking point.  I stepped on the scale and let out a sigh of discouragement when I realized the number was the same as last week which was the same as the week before that.  The good news is that I did not gain any weight, but I sure was disappointed that the number didn’t go down even a little bit.

Weight 1.17.14

I worked out six out of seven days and I tracked my food just like I’m supposed to.  I still could not muster up the courage to deviate too much from my “safe” foods and while I did try to vary my workouts a little bit, I guess it still was not enough.

I talked to my leader and she strongly encouraged me to try a new two-week plan Weight Watchers has devised which consists of meals they have already planned out for you.  She feels it could really be the thing I need to jump-start my system and I certainly don’t see what it could hurt to try it.

After the meeting, I came home, made myself a grocery list of all of the supplies I will need for my meals this week, and off to the store I went.  I’m excited about trying this and I’m really hoping the meals along with some variations in my workout will do the trick this week.  I overheard several people in the meeting who have already tried the plan and they lost 4-6 lbs in one week.

The big thing I have to keep reminding myself of is that I have come way too far to let any type of discouragement cause me to quit.  That’s the key; no matter how long I’m stuck, I have to keep looking at how far I’ve come and not focus on how far I have to go.  That’s true for all of us, whether you’ve lost 5 lbs or 50 lbs.

So what will I do for the next week?  Starting tomorrow I will get all of these foods prepped so that they are ready to be part of my meals throughout the week.  The less last-minute work I have to do, the more likely I am to eat the meals I’m supposed to eat.  I will also get up early in the morning and give my workout 110% effort.  Over the course of the week I will be researching different exercises and giving some of them a try.  I did that this week and have already added a few new things to my routine.  I will pray for God to give me strength to continue to do whatever I need to do to be successful and I will be asking for encouragement from my wonderful support network.  Most importantly, I will continue to believe in myself and believe that I CAN and WILL do this!  And yes, all of this will be written down in my goals for the week.

I’m going to work hard and hope that I have a better report for you next week.  In the mean-time, any advice is welcome.  Have a GREAT weekend!

Don't You Dare Give Up


  1. I don’t really have any advice, but don’t give up! If this was easy everyone would be doing it. I have just starting tracking food and it is eye opening.

    • Thank you so much for your comment Summer and thank you for reading the blog. I will NEVER give up; no matter how long it takes!! Yes, when you start writing down everything that goes into your mouth, it definitely makes you think. Good luck to you!

  2. Kassie, I hear your frustration. Most people would have given up by now. You are truly my inspiration. Maybe, we have somehow compromised our metabolism by abusing our bodies with food. I often think about how I used to over eat and how much healthier I eat now and yet I still have a weight problem.

    Maybe your struggle now will help you to help others going through the same problem.

    I think trying the pre-planned meals may be a good idea. Maybe a break from your normal eating plan is just what your body needs. Perhaps you can pretend you are just starting a “new” program.
    Change up your foods and your schedule. Perhaps your body perceived you were “starving” and was trying to save you. My doctor once told me that if I was stranded on an island with a group of people I would survive longer than others because my body holds onto the weight so strongly.

    Good luck this week Kassie – you can do this!


    • Marie, I am so happy that you are finding some inspiration here and so proud of your new walking routine! You make an interesting point about having compromised our metabolisms. It does make you wonder if that is possible.

      If my struggles can help just one other person, I will be happy.

      I am on day 3 of the pre-planned meals and so far, so good. It’s still a little scary because I am eating foods that I’ve avoided for the last 2+ years, but maybe that’s exactly what my body needs to kick my metabolism into gear. I like your idea of changing my schedule too. Maybe I just need a complete overhaul??? 😉

      Thank you for all of your encouragement and support; it means the world to me!


  3. No advice, Kassie, but I think you have really SMART plans and a good perspective. I know that ultimately you will continue to have great results, and I hope you see the ones you want soon!

  4. Hi kassie my you are beautiful . I saw your blog and decided to join ww online. My starting weight is 304 but no more. I will follow your blog. I weigh in every Friday also. Going to go try to figure out ww online might need some help. Thank you

    • Thank you so much Bonnie! You’re too kind. I am so happy to hear that you decided to join WW. It is a wonderful program and obviously I believe in it 110%! You are exactly right; 304 NO MORE!!! I would love for you to keep me posted on your progress and I wish you all the success in the world. You CAN DO THIS!!! Please let me know if I can help you at all.


  5. I reached my WW goal in Nov 2011 and stayed there with relative ease for about a year. Then I spent another year dancing around the 2 pound range. Then for 2 months in a row I was stuck above the 2 pounds. I tried the Simple Start program over Christmas week and I lost 6 pounds. I think it was just the shake up that my body needed because it was too comfortable with counting points. You are probably stuck in the same type of plateau and SS could be just what you need to get out of it. Good luck this week. Don’t give up – you are doing an amazing job!

    • Thank you so much Frani! You eased a lot of my fears about doing Simple Start. I feel like counting points is my “security blanket” and it’s very scary to let go of that, even temporarily. I am doing it though. This makes day 3. I will weigh myself later today to get and idea of how it’s going and I will keep you guys posted. Congratulations to you for reaching goal and for not giving up when things got difficult. It’s hard to hang in there when you face discouragement week after week. I just keep reminding myself of how far I’ve come and that I NEVER want to go back! Have a great week!

  6. Johanna B says:

    I’ve been a little afraid to try the SS program myself. I’m doing so well right now counting points. I’ve had a loss 15 out of the 16 weeks I’ve been OP. It’s out there if I ever need it but I don’t think I will try it for now. I did switch to FF cottage cheese this week instead of low-fat (2 %). I didn’t notice a difference in taste (I eat it with crushed pineapple. flax seed and cinnamon.) so I’ll keep using it. It’s 2 ppv less per cup. That’s my new thing for this week. Keep on keeping on Kassie. Never quit – you’ve come to far to give up now.

    • I’ve was scared to death of trying Simple Start but as my leader pointed out on Friday, at this point, what do I have to lose? I can only do this temporarily as I need the “security” of counting points, but if SS kick starts my metabolism, then it will be well worth it. Congratulations on 15 weeks of losing! That is wonderful!!! I am eating the FF cottage cheese as well and really enjoying it! In fact, I had some this morning with pineapple and Shredded Wheat (a Simple Start meal), but it was very good. Have a GREAT week Johanna!

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