Are You Prepared?

Failing to PrepareI was reminded today of how truly important it is to your weight loss journey for you to always be prepared.  Prepared for what, you might be wondering.  Well, lots of things.  As I have said in the past, it’s imperative to your weight loss success to have a plan.  Not just a plan for how you are going to eat or when you are going to exercise, but plans for how you are going to navigate the ins and outs of your day-to-day life.

Normally, I am prepared for most anything when it comes to maintaining and continuing my weight loss success.   I always have walking shoes in the car with me so that if I have the opportunity to walk, I have no excuse not to do it.  I also always carry snacks with me when I leave my house.  This is to make sure that I have the appropriate kinds of food with me so that I don’t get too hungry and make a poor food choice just because I’m starving.  I did not do such a good job with this preparedness plan today.

When I left the house this morning I was running a few minutes late and that left me with little time to select and/or prepare the appropriate snacks to take with me.  I ended up leaving the house with just an apple and my bottle of water.  While an apple is a good snack, I did not take anything with protein in it to pair with the apple so that the snack would keep me full longer.  By the time I got around to eating the apple I was starving and without a protein with it, the apple didn’t seem to stick with me for very long.

The consequence was that when I got home I was STARVING and ready to eat just about anything because I was so hungry.  I know better than to allow myself to get to the point of feeling ravenous because I know it leads to poor choices.  I ended up snacking while I was preparing my lunch (BAD idea) and because I did not allow the 20 minutes it takes for your stomach to realize you have eaten something to pass before I ate my lunch, I felt miserably stuffed after my lunch and I’m sure I consumed a lot more food than I needed to just because I allowed myself to get too hungry.  The worst part of this whole story is that I know better!

Plan Ahead

The lesson for me (and all of you) from the mistake I made today is always make sure you plan ahead regarding the snacks you need to take with you and leave yourself enough time to gather and/or prepare the appropriate things.  The worst thing that can happen when you are trying to lose weight is to get caught in a situation where you are absolutely starving and the only choice you have for food is fast food.  ALWAYS take a healthy snack with you, even if you are only planning to be gone for a little bit.  Life is unpredictable and you never know when plans might change at the last second.  I usually have my snack bag packed full and on my shoulder when I leave the house.  I typically have things like an apple, some grapes, baby carrots, hummus, Weight Watchers String Cheese, and maybe a Weight Watchers Snack Bar inside.  Not to say that I am going to necessarily eat all of those things on that particular outing, but at least I have plenty of things to choose from so that I will make a healthy choice.  I paid the price when I got home today for not being prepared.

I would love to hear what snacks you take with you on the go and if you don’t currently employee this practice, I hope you have found some encouragement here to start

Pack A Snack


  1. Johanna B says:

    I take individual packets of nut butter to have with my fruit and 1 oz packs of almonds sometimes. I always have a Larabar in case just a snack item won’t do. I also agree with what you take with you. All good stuff to have when you need a filling snack.

  2. the Corozona (spelling?) bars are really good! WW PP value around 4ish……and they seem to be the type of bar that would travel well.

  3. Excellent point. I think I’m going to start throwing a few snacks in my bags when I leave.. “Just in case!” Thanks for the tip 🙂

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