Setup for A Comeback

Happy FridayWell, it’s Friday and you all know what that means.  Yes, it’s weigh in day for me.  I have to admit, I have been weighing myself all throughout the week, which is not something I advocate doing, but I was so concerned about splurging last week and not being able to exercise much, that I could not help myself.  I have a theory that I pay for Weight Watchers and one of the services they provide is weighing me.  I feel like I should leave it to them to weigh me, plus I feel like you can really drive yourself crazy if you are getting on the scale every day.  However, because my weeks, good or bad, tend to catch up with me the following week, I felt the need to keep an eye on things.

Of course, I did end up driving myself crazy all week because one day the scale would show that I was up 11 lbs from last week, the next day it would show that I was up 7 lbs, etc…  The good thing was that I knew I was going to be up, I just didn’t know exactly how much, but I was prepared either way.

I was indeed up, but thankfully, it was not anywhere close to the worst reading I had gotten on my scale.  I was up 3.8 lbs and while I certainly never like to go up, this number was a whole lot more manageable than 11 lbs.  I know that this gain is a reflection of last week because I spent this week really trying to make up for it with lots more exercise and no splurging.

Weight 2.7.14

So the good news is that I know what caused the problem and I am already on the road to repairing the damage.  While I went in the wrong direction this week, I recognize it’s not the end of the world and the important part is to get the damage under control as quickly as possible.  I told the receptionist at Weight Watchers that I knew I was going to be up and she asked if I wanted to skip weigh in, which they will allow you to do periodically.  I never skip weigh in, even when I think the number isn’t going to be what I would like, because FOR ME, I need the accountability of knowing exactly where I am.  That’s just me and I know everyone is different, but I need to know the number and own it.

I am starting my week with a positive attitude, my head held high, and secure in the knowledge that I WILL redeem myself from this setback and be moving forward again with my next weigh in.  I have no regrets about my birthday week.  I enjoyed myself very much (within reason) and I’m moving on.

My former leader Jacynta taught me a wonderful mantra a long time ago that was perfect for today; “A setback is just a setup for a comeback.”  Yes, I had a setback, but I am coming back!!!

If any of you are experiencing setbacks, I encourage you to NOT give up!!!  Get yourself back on track as soon as possible and keep moving.  No looking back, beating yourself up, or harboring regret.  Tomorrow is a brand new day…keep moving forward!

A Setback

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