Refreshing Friday

Interest and CommitmentI’m always amazed at how quickly Fridays roll around.  Weeks seemed so long when I was a kid and now it seems I blink my eyes and another one has passed.  I love Fridays for lots of reasons, but weigh in and my Weight Watchers meeting is big ones.  I’m always ready for a good dose of accountability and inspiration before I head into the weekend and I was not disappointed today.

The nice thing about being on this journey for over two years now is that my body and its reactions are pretty predictable at this point.  As I predicted, after my very uncharacteristic, big loss last week, my body did a little balancing this week and I was up 1.6 lbs.  For some reason, I was super happy about this; not going up per se, but I guess the fact that it was a relatively small gain given how large the loss was last week.  I had visions all week of gaining back 6 of the 7.2 lbs and I think to see 1.6 lbs was such a relief that I couldn’t help but be elated.

Weight 2.21.14

Our meeting topic today was all about staying on plan on the weekends and I really felt re-charged after the meeting.  I have never practiced the habit of “taking weekends off” from Weight Watchers, but evidently a lot of people do.  One of the reasons I love to go to a Friday meeting is because it’s an accountability check and fresh dose of motivation as the weekend begins.  Maybe this is why I’ve never considered taking the weekend off but I think the other reason is that I feel like I work way too hard during the week to throw caution to the wind on the weekends.  Plus, the plan offers so much flexibility, it’s really easy to make modifications for the weekend and still stay on plan.  I eat out on the weekend, but the key is planning ahead, knowing where I’m going, and researching the menu online before I go so I know exactly what I need to order.  I’m not afraid to take my own dressing or to ask for my order to be customized in order to keep me on track.  For example, last weekend Michael took me out for Mexican which can be extremely dangerous for people who are watching what they eat, but I went in with a plan.  I ordered a half order of veggie quesadillas and I asked that they bring the cheese on the side and I requested no sour cream.  When the meal came, I was able to sprinkle an appropriate amount of cheese on the quesadilla (which was warm enough that the cheese melted right away) and Michael was kind enough to take care of the rest of it for me.  I also did not eat any of the chips, which some people may think is difficult but all I had to do was silently remind myself of how far I’ve come and where I want to go and that those chips were not going to help me accomplish my goal.  The point is, I went out to a nice restaurant, had a great meal, and enjoyed my wonderful company, without destroying my week before it even got started.

I felt refreshed after the meeting and ready to face the weekend, ON PLAN!  I’m also very excited to commit to journaling, as I told you yesterday that I would.  I have talked to several people who journal on a regular basis and I have gotten some wonderful ideas for getting started.  I feel like this is going to be a really important component in the remainder of my weight loss journey.  Even though I have been successful and I am maintaining that success, I feel like I still have issues I need to deal with, such as, why I do I struggle so much to not engage in closet eating and maybe journaling will help me unlock that reason.

I want to encourage all of you to commit to your journey seven days a week.  You are worth the effort and if you will look at it as a means of taking care of yourself rather than a sacrifice, I think you will find that it’s a lot easier than you think.



  1. Its the first time I am reading your blog. I must congratulate you on the progress you have made up to now – well done!

  2. Weekends for me suck but, as your blog states Quitting is not an Option (love the title). I have to stay busy.

    • Thank you for reading the blog! Weekends can be difficult. I have to always keep reminding myself of my ultimate goal; that way, I’m less likely to go off course. Best of luck to you!!!

  3. From the things I have read on your blog I think you will be a successful journalist. I have kept a journal for 21 years and it’s fun to go back to some of the older ones and see just how far I’ve come. Good luck to you as you begin.

    • Thank you Johanna! I started my journal over the weekend and I was amazed at how much I wrote, without even planning to. I was afraid I would struggle to find something to write about, but the words seemed to flow very easily. Thanks for the encouragement!

  4. I am very imprssed with your blog, you are so honest and I enjoy reading about your ups and downs..

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