Successful Weekend

Happy MondayIt’s a beautiful Monday morning here in Atlanta and I am feeling great about my week so far.  As you know, I consider Fridays the “official” start of my week, so I am already three days in, and so far, it feels like a successful one.

I stayed on plan all weekend, which I normally do but after Friday’s meeting topic, I was extra conscious of my choices I made; not just food choices, but activity choices as well.  I made sure to track every BLT (bite, lick, and taste…a great acronym that my leader Beth taught me)If You Bite It, Write It

and since the weather was beautiful here all weekend, I seized any opportunity for activity from parking far away from the grocery store to picking up limbs in the yard.  As promised, I started a journal over the weekend as well.

I can already see that the journal is going to be a very powerful weight loss tool for me.  I was worried that it was going to be difficult for me to think of something to write about but after receiving a lot of great advice and suggestions from many of my readers, I was able to look at the whole process as more of a method of self-discovery rather than a school assignment.  My idea for using a journal to help me is to hopefully help me identify what is driving my desire to engage in closet / mindless eating and to help me get past the problem.  I thought that if I was using a journal, I could write in it when the desire to eat (not because of hunger) was consuming me and that hopefully by occupying myself with the journal, the desire to eat would pass.  I feel like there must be some void in my life that my mind is still wanting to fill with food, but I don’t know what it could be.  So many of you told me that the best way to journal is to just sit down and write.  Don’t think about what I am going to write ahead of time or feel like I can only write about one certain thing, but to just write whatever comes to mind.  So Saturday morning, I did just that.  When I sat down, I said a prayer and asked God to help me identify the cause of my desire to closet eat and to help me move past this hurdle and before I knew it, the words were flowing.  I am so excited to see how journaling helps me and I will keep you posted on my progress.  And as always, I welcome any suggestions you may have for me.

I feel very empowered this week and I am believing for a successful week.  I always say that mindset is key and self-talk is incredibly powerful.  I believe that if your mind is full of negative, “I can’t do this,” thoughts, you won’t be able to do it (whatever challenge you are facing), but if you keep telling yourself, “I CAN do this,” you WILL do it!  I CAN get past the closet eating battle, I CAN get past my plateau, and I WILL lose the remainder of the weight by September 23rd!  What success are you believing for this week?

Worst Enemy

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