It’s A New Week

Excited About FridayIt’s Friday and I am ready to embark on another week.  I am feeling very successful and very motivated.  As I reflect on this past week, I see many good things I did that will help me to reach my goal.  As promised, I started my journal, though I have to be honest and say that I only have a few entries so far but I did at least start it.  I also greatly increased my activity this week in an effort to try to jump-start my weight loss.  My weekly goal for Activity Points with Weight Watchers is 49 per week and I finished this past week with 53 points so I feel good knowing that I went a little bit above and beyond.

I worked hard this week at really being conscious of mindless eating and honestly evaluating whether or not a particular food item was worth the Points Plus it would cost me to eat it.  I find that when I increase my workouts, I am very thoughtful about how long it will take to work off a certain food item, before I put it in my mouth.  I encourage all of you to be mindful of the BLT’s (bites, licks, and tastes) I talked about the other day as they add up so very quickly!

Now for the part you all tuned in for…weigh-in results.  I was disappointed to find that I was up 2.8 lbs this week; disappointed because I worked out so hard all week in hopes that I could really bring about a big loss.  I’m sure that the gain was due in part to muscle gain from all of the extra exercise, but I doubt that all of it was muscle.

Weight 2.28.14

So…it’s back to the drawing board for this week to try to find the proper balance between diet and exercise that will yield the loss I need and want to see.  I am learning a lot in my personal trainer certification class and I am hopeful that the class will help me to find this “balance” that I need.  I am also doing lots of reading about nutrition and tweaking my diet accordingly I am feeling desperate at this point but trying very hard not to drive myself crazy worrying about it either.

The DietBet started today and my weigh in has officially been accepted.  I am really excited about this new challenge and I am sure that win or lose, I will walk away having learned valuable information.  I like the fact that as a player, you receive daily tips from the DietBet website and I am sure I will get some new information that will help me.

It’s a new week and I am going into it confident and strong.  I’m sure I will have lots to write about in my journal this week.  I’m off to enjoy a wonderful weekend, on plan!  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend as well!!!

Have a Wonderful Weekend

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