Success Indeed

Friday Means AwesomeI blinked my eyes and Friday is here again.  My goodness the weeks go by so quickly!  It rained all night last night (literally) and started out misty and gloomy this morning but turned into a beautiful afternoon; the kind that lets you know that spring is right around the corner.

I headed off to weigh in feeling very confident and I was not disappointed.  I was so happy to step on the scale and find that I was down 1.6 lbs.  It was so nice to see the reward for all of my efforts this past week right there in black and white.  I knew that pre-portioning my pretzel snacks would pay off and I was right!!!  Of course, there many other factors that played into my success like tracking diligently and working out five out of seven days, but the pretzels were a huge hurdle to overcome.

Weight 3.7.14

As I said yesterday, I felt I was already successful because I identified a problem, vowed to overcome it, and took the necessary steps to actually do it.  If the number on the scale had gone the other direction today, I would have been disappointed but I would have still declared myself successful.

The point I hope you all take away from yesterday and today’s messages is that the scale is not the only means by which to measure your weight loss success.  Intellectually, I know this is true but it is easy for me to lose sight of this truth, especially when I am feeling stuck in my own weight loss journey.  I had lunch with a good friend today and she reminded me of this truth when I was whining to her about seemingly not being able to get past this point I am at.  She reminded me of how far I have come and that I have already lost a tremendous amount of weight, that while I have been “stuck” so to speak, I have managed to maintain and not re-gain, and she also reminded me of all the happiness in my life that was missing just a few short years ago.  You see, this friend knew me before I gained all of the weight so she has literally seen me go through every phase of this journey and she can see appreciate all of the wonderful changes that my weight loss has brought to my life.  Like any good friend would do, she reminded me that regardless of what the number on the scale is right now, it cannot erase all of the success I have achieved so far.

So, with those thoughts in mind, I am embarking on a new week with the knowledge that I WILL do this!  It may take longer than I had hoped for but every small victory I have along the way is just getting me one step closer to my goal.  I will make a point each day to be thankful for how far I have come and for all of the happiness in my life and to not lose sight of all of the health benefits I am reaping from what I have lost to date.  I always say that belief is one of the most key ingredients to successful weight loss.  It is imperative that you believe you can do it and I definitely believe I can do it!  What small victories can you achieve this weekend that will get you closer to your goal?

Belief vs Interest

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