Are Two Better Than One?

Two Is Better Than OneI think we can all agree that in many cases, two is better than one.  For example, I think we would all rather have two dollars than one.  In other cases though, one can be more than enough.  For example, having chicken pox one time in your life is more than enough.  When it comes to weight loss plans, what is the correct answer?  Is it better to adhere to one plan exclusively or should you use two plans in conjunction with each other to maximize results?  This is the question I am faced with this week.

After over a year of being stuck in basically the same spot, I am ready to try different things (within reason) in order to get my weight loss moving again.  Someone asked me this week if I had ever tried My Fitness Pal which I had not but after looking into it, I have decided to give it a try, along with Weight Watchers, of course.  I always tell people that Weight Watchers is like my security blanket and that I will likely count points until the day I die, but that doesn’t meant that I can’t try other things as well.

I know some of my fellow Weight Watchers members use My Fitness Pal but for those of you who don’t, it is different from Weight Watchers in that it tracks calorie consumption versus Points Plus.  The person who suggested My Fitness Pal to me thought that it might help me to see how many calories I am consuming in my daily points total.  The great thing about My Fitness Pal is that it also gives you a breakdown of the carbs, protein, fat, sugar, and sodium that you consume throughout the day versus the recommended daily allowances, which could allow you to see if you are really overdoing it in one area and maybe you are deficient in another.  It also allows you to plug-in your exercise and calculates calories burned (or you can input your calories burned if you use a heart rate monitor like I do) and it adjusts your daily calorie totals accordingly.

I am only on day two of using My Fitness Pal but so far, I am enjoying it and finding it to be a helpful tool to use along with Weight Watchers.  It is a little bit of extra work to track in two different places but the interesting thing I have found is that the thought of having to subtract more calories from my daily allowance on My Fitness Pal has stopped me from eating a few different things the last two days that I normally would not have really thought twice about.  I’m sure it is more “mental” than anything but I think weight loss itself is more mental than anything.  Michael says he has definitely learned that in watching me.  He says that he can see now that so much of the process is about mindset more than anything else so I feel like if there is another tool I can use that will help my mindset, then it is worth it.


I am curious if any of you use multiple weight loss plans or tracking methods and if so, have you found that it has helped your efforts?  I don’t want to reach the point where I am completely consumed with my weight loss efforts but it is really hard not to be focused on it when I have been stuck for this amount of time.  Some days, I feel like I am just beating my head against the wall or running in circles getting nowhere.  I know this isn’t the case, but I do feel that way from time to time.  I do always look at the fact that at least I have maintained and I haven’t re-gained any weight, but I am ready to move on and as the blog title says, “Quitting Is Never An Option!!!”

Keep Going

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