It Was Definitely Worth It

Small WinsWhat a busy week this has been!  I can’t believe this is only my second post this week.  Time flies!

It was good that I had so much to do this week as it made cutting the grapes out of my diet a little bit easier as I had other things to focus my attention on.  I really did it; I went an entire week without eating any grapes and I lived to tell about it!  Was it easy?  Definitely not, but it was definitely worth it!  More than anything, it was great to prove to myself that I could make the commitment and stick to it.  I cut back to just a few pieces of fruit a day; mainly an apple and a banana and I cut out tangerines as well.

In addition to drastically reducing my fruit intake, I took my activity to a new level this week and earned 75 Activity Points for the week.  Other than my killer bunion being a bit sore, I felt great and plan to repeat the same pattern this week.

Unfortunately, the scale did not reflect all of my hard work this past week.  I was hoping for a loss (honestly, I was hoping for a significant loss), but I actually stayed the same as last week.  In that initial moment of disappointment, I had to remind myself that it often takes my body a week to catch up to my hard work.  AND, it certainly could have been worse in that I could have gained.  That would have been REALLY disappointing!

Weight 3.21.14

I attended a different Weight Watchers meeting today as I had an appointment that conflicted with my regular meeting and everyone was so supportive and offered me so many wonderful words of encouragement.  As they were all so kind to remind me, I still made great strides this week even if it was not reflected on the scale and the best thing I can do for myself is to continue on the same path this coming week, knowing that the scale will most likely be my friend next week. Thanks to all of you for your support!

The good thing is that the new week will be a little easier.  I have had terrible headaches this past week from the sugar withdrawals, but those are starting to subside.  I am getting past the point of looking for things to substitute for the grapes and admitting to myself that I don’t have to constantly be eating something.  I am also incredibly busy with school work as I prepare for my Personal Trainer and Health Coach certifications, working on the blog, and continuing my weight loss efforts, so I certainly have plenty to keep my mind off of grapes.

Since my journey has taught me that the scale is not the only measure of success, I have no problem declaring this past week a complete success!  I think going cold turkey with the grapes was a huge step as was more than doubling what had been my “normal” weekly activity.  I am happy to keep working on it and trust that the number on the scale will be down next week.  For now, I have other victories to celebrate.

Daily Routine


  1. WTG, Kassie, and that was definitely a successful week! You have inspired me with your posts about fruit. They were a reminder to me that I have been slacking in my vegetable servings. So I decided to try to decrease my fruit servings and increase veggies this past week. I loaded up on fresh veggies at the store and have tried to use them as many ways as I could. It helped me break out of the “same-old” routine, my diet was healthier, and it turned out to be fun. Here’s to reinforcing a good veggie habit! p.s. It was good to see you at our meeting!

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