Let’s Get Physical

The Life You GainIt’s hard to believe it has already been a year, but it has, and today was the day for my annual physical exam.  Luckily, I really like my doctor, so I don’t have to dread the experience.  I scheduled the appointment as early as possible as I like to get there and get done before it’s super crowded, AND, since I have to fast for my blood work, I don’t want to wait any longer than I have to.

I am feeling great and there are no “issues” that needed to be addressed.  This was just my annual physical, but I did have a few questions for the doctor.  First and foremost, I am concerned about my stalled weight loss.  Second, I have developed a killer bunion on my left foot that gives me fits when I workout, and finally, I wanted to know if he felt like my drastic reduction of fruit in my diet would help jump-start the weight loss.

I was so happy to hear that he does not feel like my “stalled” weight loss is nearly as big of a deal as I think it is.  He assured me that it is not unusual for anyone to experience a plateau and that there is not guarantee of how long it will or won’t last.  He reminded me that the important thing is that I have not experienced any type of re-gain and he said that alone is a huge accomplishment.  He felt that not re-gaining means that I am doing the right things; it is just probably time to ramp up my efforts.

As far as the killer bunion is concerned, he said there is really nothing I can do about it short of surgery which he said he would not recommend at this time.  He advised me to ice it before and after my workout and to take an anti-inflammatory prior to exercising to try to head off some of the discomfort.

He was absolutely thrilled to hear that I am using My Fitness Pal in conjunction with Weight Watchers and he definitely agreed that cutting my fruit consumption to nearly nothing would in deed help jump-start my weight loss.  He explained about how careful you have to be with fruit because of the natural sugar and that some fruits are the equivalent of drinking a glass of sugar-water.  He recommended that I think of fruit as a dessert and treat it as such.

The doctor said that everything looked great.  He did blood work and I will get the results of that in about a week and let you know.  The best part of the visit was having him tell me how proud he is of what I have accomplished and how I am “younger” now (health-wise) than I was five years ago.  It was nice to hear from an expert all of the tremendous health benefits I have afforded myself, even without having lost ALL of the weight.

Even a 5% reduction in your weight does wonders for your body.  Never doubt the importance of your weight loss journey, even on the difficult days.  If you have your health, you have everything!

As Good As Healthy Feels


  1. I have bunions on both of my feet. I have found that for exercising I buy men’s shoes because they are wider and I like the ones with nylon where the bunions are. And don’t tie them tight around where the bunion is. This helps me. Find a pair that work well for you. Good luck.

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