Running In Place

Having No GoalDo you ever feel like you are going top speed yet getting nowhere; like maybe you are running in place?  This is where I am finding myself right now.  I feel exhausted from all of the effort I am putting towards my weight loss efforts and yet I am not seeing results on the scale.  Lucky for me, I have vowed to NEVER quit, no matter how long this journey takes.  I just have to keep reminding myself that one day I WILL get over the hump and that I have come way too far to even think about giving up now.

This past week, I decided to scale back a little bit on my running.  Actually, my killer bunion told me that was how it was going to be.  I still ended the week with 58 activity Points Plus which is still above my goal of 49, so I felt like I maintained a good activity level without going to the extreme.  As I told you, I stared eliminating wheat and processed foods from my diet this week which presented some challenges but overall, I feel like I am adjusting well.

Considering that I spent the week tweaking my exercise routine and totally overhauling my diet, I was okay with the fact that I didn’t gain or lose this week.  I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit disappointed, but I certainly still count it as a successful week as I did not gain in the process of the changes I am making.

Weight 4.4.14

Today was one of those days that I am thankful to be a Weight Watchers member because of all of the tremendous support I get at my meeting from my peers, leader, and all of the staff at the center I go to.  My leader Beth could read the frustration on my face after I weighed in and she was kind enough to sit down with me one on one after the meeting and share more details of her own journey and some of the struggles she experienced which were very similar to my own.  She reminded me that she is available throughout the week if I am struggling with something and need her support.  I felt much better when I left the meeting and I’m sure I will be taking her up on some of that support this week.

As always, I am incredibly thankful for the tremendous support network I have in place which includes my Dad, Michael, my Aunt Carol, my sweet friends Gail and Marie, all of my Weight Watchers network, and all of my readers.  Each one plays their own role in keeping me going on the days it would be easier to throw up my hands and say, “Forget it!”

It’s a new week and I am moving full steam ahead.  The wheat and processed foods are completely removed from my diet at this point and I am focusing on just eating “real” food.  My schedule will be different this week as I have several things to do with Michael, plenty of work to do, and school, so hopefully the change in schedule will aid my success as it has done in the past.  My Dad says I’m overthinking things and stressing myself out too much.  He suggests taking a break from the worry and letting my week be what it will be.  When he first mentioned this I panicked thinking he meant “take a break” from Weight Watchers which I can’t do but he clarified what he meant by saying he meant “take a break” from the strict regimen of exact exercise times and trying to burn an exact number of calories at a certain heart rate and to instead do whatever feels natural and comfortable each day.  I think I will take this advice along with Michael’s suggestion of “starting over” with Weight Watchers (at least in spirit by imagining I have just joined) which I have already implemented and combine them with my different schedule this week and somehow, I see a recipe for success coming together.

Stay tuned this weekend for a post of two about new foods and/or food combinations I am incorporating into my diet.  I hope you all have a great weekend!

Keep Tryiing

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