Take Me Out to The Ballgame

Take Me Out to the BallgameTuesday night was a perfect reminder of the rewards I get to enjoy after all of my weight loss efforts.  If you have never had a weight problem, there are a lot of simple, day-to-day activities that you take for granted.  One that I had never thought twice about until I gained all of the weight was being able to attend a sporting event and actually fit in the seat (comfortably) and have room on either side of me for another person.  Sounds simple enough, but at 370 lbs. not only did I not fit in the seat, but once I did squeeze myself in as far as I could go, there was certainly not room on both sides of me for another adult.  I really needed two seats.

Michael and I went to the home opener for the Atlanta Braves at Turner Field Tuesday night and I was sitting there thinking that this would be a good topic to write about because it’s the perfect example of a measurable success that can truly be celebrated.  This was not the first sporting event I have attended since losing a lot of weight, but it was the first I have attended since starting the blog.

K&M Braves Game 9.27.13

Before, the thought of going to a sporting event conjured up feelings of dread and anxiety as I knew there would be an issue about fitting in the seat and if I could squeeze into it, I would be looking at 2-3 hours of extreme discomfort.  I couldn’t enjoy the event for thinking about how uncomfortable I was and truly worrying about getting stuck after sitting there for so long.

One thing I knew for sure when I started my weight loss journey was that I wanted to be able to enjoy a “normal” life and part of that normal life included going to a sporting event and actually being able to enjoy it.  Tuesday night was truly confirmation that all of my hard work is paying off.

On the drive to Turner Field, I never once thought about what the seating arrangement would be or if I would actually fit into the seat.  I was able to concentrate of the fun evening we were about to enjoy.  Sure enough, we arrived, found our seats and though they were not aisle seats, I knew I had no reason to worry.  I sat down in the seat and not only do I now fit; I have room to spare on either side of me.  Michael was sitting to my right and I had a lady to the left of me and there was absolutely NO problem!  What a nice feeling!!!  I sat there thinking to myself that every mile I have walked or run and every weight I have lifted was more than worth it!

It was a great evening as it was opening night and they had a special opening ceremony honoring Hank Aaron and Michael and I both enjoyed being able to see the ceremony and the game (even though the Braves lost).  The best part of all was to realize that the life I am carving out for myself is definitely one to be happy about.  I am getting to enjoy things that I haven’t been able to enjoy in years because I was denying myself a happy life by maintaining my weight problem.  I am so thankful to be letting go of the weight and grabbing onto my life.



  1. Congratualtions! That’s a NSV for sure. I experienced the same thing when my husband and I flew direct from JFK in NY to Istanbul. It was a 10+ hour flight and I remember saying to him that I would have never attempted that long of a flight at 80+ pounds more.

  2. Johanna B says:

    Congratulations on your wonderful NSV. I remember being scared to go on amusement park rides for fear of the little bar not closing over me completely. I’m sure that wouldn’t be a problem now.

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