Too Much of A Good Thing

SabotageIf a little is good, more must be better, right?  I really think that I may have fallen into this way of thinking and maybe I am doing myself more harm than good.  Between my Personal Trainer certification class, suggested research from friends and family, and research I do on my own, I have really been inundated with information in the last few months.  I believe that being informed is a good thing and we would all be wise to be “in the know” about as many things regarding our health as possible.  That being said, I wonder if maybe I am trying to implement too many of the new things I have learned all at once and in doing so if I am really shooting myself in the foot rather than helping myself.

I have eliminated artificial sweetener from my diet with the exception of my chewing gum.  I have limited coffee to about three cups per week.  I have eliminated most processed foods from my diet and for the last two weeks, I have been wheat free.  While I do personally believe that each of these things is beneficial to my health, I am now finding myself in a situation where I feel like there is nothing I can eat and therefore, I find myself wanting to eat everything.

In addition to all of these diet modifications, I have been trying to count calories and points simultaneously while also keeping spreadsheets and graphs documenting each and every one of my workouts and always seeking my optimum heart rate while working out.  All of these things (tracking, charting, and diet modifications) are consuming a tremendous amount of my time and to make matters worse, I feel like I’m getting nowhere.

This was my second full week of eating wheat free and this week I also cut out bananas and for the second week in a row, I gained.  I think it’s safe to say that all of these new things I’m trying to implement may be too overwhelming.

Weight 4.18.14

I was thinking back this evening to my first 16 months of Weight Watchers and my success and how easily the weight seemed to come off and really realizing how much simpler it was back then.  ALL I concerned myself with was staying within my daily points range; no charts, graphs, additional tracking methods, eliminating multiple foods from my diet; just me, my eTools, and the gym.  I’m afraid that in my mad pursuit of success, I may have steered myself off course and now I need to find my way back.  My Dad has been trying to tell me that I am allowing myself to become consumed with all of this and he is exactly right.  I need to take his advice to just relax and enjoy the journey.  He says I need to take a break from graphs, charts, multiple tracking methods, and just follow Weight Watchers and exercise as I have already had proven success with that method.

I do understand that weight comes off more easily in the beginning and that the loss tends to slow down with time but I think mine has come to a halt due to my own sabotage.  I’m not saying that I’m just going to throw all of the items I have eliminated back into my diet.  What I am saying is that for now, maybe my focus is better spent on getting the remainder of the weight off while making the healthiest choices possible but not trying to take on so many changes that I derail my efforts.  It really is one day at a time.  These days, it’s often one minute at a time.  I would love to hear your thoughts and as always, your suggestions are welcome and appreciated.  Have a great weekend!

Failed Attempts


  1. Whew, i am stressed just reading all the things you are trying to keep up with in your weight loss efforts. Your dad is right. Get back to the basics. You are probably really stressing yourself out with all of the changes, documenting, charts, etc and because of the stress, your body is “holding on” to what it has for “protection”. This is just my perception of what is going on with you right now. I am not a professional by any means but have read and heard that stress can be the cause of many things that can go wrong with our bodies. Good luck in the coming weeks and just try to relax and gently get your weight loss back on track.

    • Thank you so much for reading Barbara and for your input. You are not the first person to suggest to me that the stress of all that I am trying to do may be causing my body to “hold on” to the weight and I think it’s probably a very valid point. This week I will be getting back to basics and taking a break from all of the “documenting.” Back to me, my eTools, and the gym. It worked in the past and there is no reason it shouldn’t work now. I appreciate your input. Have a great weekend!

  2. Leigh Ann Smith says:

    I’ve got to say that I have been inspired while readying your blog but I agree with your dad as I had thought a few weeks ago that perhaps you were doing so much that I couldn’t figure out just what you were eating other than chicken and exercising every spare minute you weren’t charting and plotting 🙂 But my husband tends to jump into things deep when committed to something so it was easier to understand. He has lost 40 lbs since January and just reached his first goal. We went to the grocery store this morning and I’ve got to say, it was better than in the past because he is now very conscious of calories, fat and sugar. We went on a walk first so we pushed past that first morning rush of hunger. Remember that nutrition has to have a balance – as nature intended. (Anyone who knows me understands that this is just a theory in the Smith household as we aren’t fruit and vegetable people. But we have started making an effort.)
    Keep up your commitment and your goals will be achieved before you know it.

  3. Hey Kassie, stop focusing and stressing about the number on the scale. I’ve just finished a 12 week program where I lost 14cm from my bust, 12 from my waist and 8 from each thigh, yet I loss less than 5 pounds! Give yourself a break, and try focusing on increasing some numbers…how heavy can u lift, how fast and far can u run, how many reps can u pump out, how many colours can u eat each day?

  4. All things in moderation, including charting 🙂 Good Luck this coming week!

  5. Johanna B says:

    I only make one small change at a time. If I try more than that everything gets effed up.

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