On My Weigh

Far From What I Once WasWell, it has been a week of getting back to basics and I have to say that I feel better about my weight loss than I have in a long time.  After making the decision to not worry about seeing how many things I could cut out of my diet and just focusing on eating the foods that satisfied me, I feel like I had a much more successful week and I am on my “weigh” to being on track.

I have to admit that last week was still a bit rocky and I really didn’t feel like I had hit my stride until I met one on one with my Weight Watchers leader, Beth.  She was kind enough to spend some of her own personal time with me to help me figure out what I need to do to be successful again.  Our meeting was good because she asked me some thought-provoking questions about what things were like in the beginning of my journey and offered suggestions on how to get myself back on track.

I am combining the advice Beth gave me in our meeting with truly implementing Michael’s suggestion of approaching things from the standpoint of having just started Weight Watchers and I am feeling very confident.

I spent the week re-introducing foods that I ate in the beginning and not concerning myself with whether or not it contained artificial sweetener, wheat, or was processed.  I truly believe there will be a time when I try to eliminate all of those things from my diet, but I think the last few months have proven to me that this is not the right time.

True to my word, I did not chart one single workout.  I did wear my heart monitor to just to make sure I was working out at an appropriate level, but I did not enter that information on any spreadsheets or graph.  I had forgotten how nice it was to just enjoy my workout and not worry about any of the statistical information.  I just want to be healthy.  I am not striving to be a professional athlete and I can really see where the charting and graphing was overkill.

I received so many wonderful comments from all of you last week and I tried to implement the advice that all of you offered.  Thank you.  I was up .6 lbs (point 6) today but I was very happy because I felt like it was a week of transition and I feel like I am back on track.  I am happy and confident and looking forward to a loss next Friday.

Weight 4.25.14

I have found a new breakfast that I love and I will be sharing it with you in an upcoming post.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Breathe In

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