Making Myself Proud

Make Yourself ProudWhen you are making choices throughout your day, do you ever think in terms of making choices that you can be proud of?  I think this a concept we really try to reinforce in our children but as adults, I’m not so sure that we are always thinking in terms of making decisions we can be proud of.  And I certainly don’t think we think in those terms when it comes to food choices or reaching our weight loss goals.

A few weeks ago at Weight Watchers our meeting topic was “Is this worth it?”  The meeting was all about evaluating a food before you eat it to determine if the Points Plus value of the food is worth it to you or not.  In light of my recent struggles with my own weight loss, I had a one on one meeting with my sweet Weight Watchers leader, Beth last week and that meeting prompted me to take the “worth it” question a step further and ask myself, “Is this a choice you can be proud of?”

For those of you who have suffered with “closet eating” issues, you know the shame you feel when you are eating something that you know you shouldn’t be.  After talking with Beth, I realized there are areas in which I have become lax lately and in becoming lax, I am making choices I am not always proud of.  Don’t get me wrong; I haven’t done anything too crazy.  It has mainly just been a bite of this and bite of that and just like I always preach to you guys, those BLT’s (bites, licks, and tastes) add up and catch up to you.  In talking to her, I realized my main downfall is accurate tracking.  I tracked religiously (without fail) for a long, long time, but gradually, I have become lax and also, with trying to incorporate all of these different eating plans, tracking became very frustrating.  These BLT’s are also not finding their way onto my tracker and as we all know, that can spell disaster as tracking is a very important key to weight loss success.


Did You Track That Point

After meeting with Beth last week, I felt like I have hit my own re-set button so to speak and I have been on track since.  I am tracking every single thing.  If I want a “bite” of something, I measure it out so that I can put it on my tracker.  And now that I am not worrying about eliminating everything under the sun from my diet, tracking has become very easy again.  When I am standing in front of the fridge or in the pantry and I am looking for something to eat, I am purposefully asking myself two questions; “Is this worth it (in terms of points),” and “Will I be proud of myself if I eat this?”  I don’t know why, but this question of whether or not I will be proud of myself is really hitting home for me right now and I find myself making different choices in many instances.  I don’t know why this question is so powerful for me but if it works, I say don’t question it.

It occurred to me that if this thought was helping me, some of you may find it helpful as well.  By no means am I saying that anyone should feel ashamed of themselves for their food choices.  I don’t ever advocate dwelling on your food choices (good, bad, or ugly).  I feel like if you make a bad or ugly one, you make a point to do better at the very next meal.  But, I know that this is much easier said than done in real life.  So maybe the next time you’re thinking, “Just a bite won’t hurt,” or “I’ll just have a few cookies,” it might help you to stop and ask yourself, “Will I be proud of this choice in thirty minutes?”  I hope someone out there finds this as helpful as I have.

Every Second


  1. Carolee says:

    if you get a minute, (like you need something else to read), mosey on over here > < and check out her blog! Good stuff. Hope you are having a good week.

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