Measuring Success

Tiny SuccessIn weight loss as in all areas of life, there are multiple ways to measure success.  Coming to realize this fact can make us much happier people and can make our journeys (no matter what they are) more enjoyable.  In the area of weight loss, it’s always a good idea to take note of all of your non-scale victories because if we read too much into what the number on the scale is, we can quickly begin to feel defeated or like it’s hopeless.  Logically, I know this concept is very true but in reality, I am not always good at practicing what I preach.

As I have already shared with you, my Weight Watchers leader, Beth has been meeting with me on a one on one basis in an effort to help me get back on track and it really has been helpful for me; many thanks to Beth for her additional time and effort.  One thing she has really been working with me on is focusing on non-scale related victories.  The other thing she has asked me to focus on is non-scale related goals.

With that in mind, my main focus these last few weeks has been tracking completely and accurately every day.  Another thing I am working on is staying OFF of the scale throughout the week and only weighing in on Fridays (like I used to do when I was experiencing great scale related success).

With my focus turned away from the scale, it was much easier to hear I was up 1 lb. today.  Although I was up a bit, I can honestly look back on my week and say that I was successful.  I met my goal of tracking accurately and completely every day and I only weighed myself a few times throughout the week rather than multiple times per day as I had gotten into the terrible habit of doing over the last several months.  I am retaining a bit of water this week and I also dramatically increased my weight training so I am hopeful that the one pound is reflecting those two things and that next week it will be gone.

Weight 5.9.14

For the coming week, I will focus on all of the positive things I did this week and strive to repeat those things in the coming week; from food choices to exercise and everything in between.  I will recite positive mantras each day and listen to the people who have told me in the last week that I look like I have lost weight (even though the number on the scale did not reflect it this time around). I have promised myself that I will not step on a scale until next Friday and I intend to keep that promise.  Most of all, I will continue to believe that I can do this and that I WILL reach my goal!  What non-scale goals and victories can you focus on in the coming week?

Never Give Up 5.9.14

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