Feel Good Friday

Feel Good FridayToday was a “feel good” kind of day, for a lot of reasons.  I guess the main reason was it is Friday, and I always seem to feel better on Fridays.  It was also an absolutely perfect weather day here in Atlanta; sunny with a high of 68 degrees and a nice breeze.  It’s also the “eve” of my first 5K and my excitement is building (along with a tiny bit of apprehension).  I guess it’s natural to have that feeling of, “what have I signed myself up for,” and “what if I’m the last person to finish?”  Above all though, I am feeling excited and proud of myself that participating in a 5K is even in the realm of possible for me.

I have been feeling very successful this week.  From diligent tracking to making choices I could be proud of to regular exercise, I felt good about everything I did this week.  And, I am proud to report that with just a few exceptions early in the week, I stayed OFF of the scale and did not drive myself crazy looking at the ever fluctuating number day in and day out.

I am happy to report that all of those small non-scale victories added up to big success on the scale this week!  My Weight Watchers leader Beth kept telling me that if I would stop focusing on the scale and start setting non-scale related goals, I would start to see the scale move and what do you know, she was right!  It was so nice to feel successful in multiple areas and then top that feeling off with being down 2.6 lbs. on the scale!  What a GREAT feeling to feel like I had an all-around successful week.


Weight 5.16.14

All of this success has only reaffirmed my decision to participate in this 5K tomorrow.  I am really feeling like, “I can do it!”  I hope it helps all of you to see that you can do “it” too, whatever your “it” is.  It’s easy to get to a point where we feel like we are spinning our wheels and getting nowhere, but I truly believe that every small change we make will add up to big results in the end.  So even if the number on the scale does not reflect all of your victories, celebrate them anyway, no matter how big or small.  Keep pushing because eventually, all of those victories will show up on the scale.  As for me, I plan to go back and repeat exactly what I did this past week, from the food I ate to the activity I did and hopefully, I will see success on the scale again next week.

Stay tuned for a post about the race later this weekend.  Make sure to “Like” the blog on Facebook and follow me on Twitter for updates and pictures from the race.  Have a great weekend and make it a successful one!

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