Are You Wishing or Planning?

A Goal Without A PlanI know it might seem like a silly question, but it really is a valid one.  Are you wishing to lose weight this month, or are you planning to lose weight this month?  It is incredible how much power our mind and our thoughts have over us and until you realize the magnitude of that power, it can be very easy to be defeated by your own thoughts and words.  Don’t we have enough other forces working against us without being our own enemy?

I meet many people in the course of my journey who say, “I wish I could lose weight.”  Have you ever heard the saying, “A goal without a plan is just a wish?”  It really is true.  If there is something you really want but you do not have specific steps in mind as to how you will get it, you’re really just wishing.

This month, I want all of us (myself included) to honestly say we are planning to lose weight.  Or, if weight loss is not a goal for you but maintaining your current weight is, then declare that you are going to do it!  Don’t say, “I hope I am able to lose weight this month, or I hope I can maintain my weight this month.”  Be very specific about what you want and adamant that you will do it.

For me, I plan to finally get under 200 lbs. this month.  In order to accomplish this goal, I will need to lose 7.2 lbs.  For the sake of easy math, I am setting my goal to lose 8 lbs. by the end of June.  When writing this goal down in my journal, I used SMART goal language, which I would recommend all of you doing when you write down your goal, whatever it may be.  And please, be sure to write your goal down.  You are much more likely to commit to it if you put it in writing.  It’s another way of making it a concrete plan rather than a wish.

Smart Goal Setting

SMART goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound.  You will notice that I have chosen a specific number of pounds I want to lose (rather than just saying I want to lose weight this month); my goal is measurable as the scale will let me know when I have reached it; it is attainable because I have chosen a realistic amount (2 lbs. per week) rather than saying I want to lose 20 lbs. in June which is highly unlikely; my goal is relevant to me as getting under the 200 lb. mark is very important to me, and an 8 lb. loss gets me over the hump and my goal is time-bound as I plan to achieve it by the end of June.

So, are you ready to set a SMART goal of your own for June?  I will keep you posted throughout the month on my progress.  Michael thinks (and I agree) that there will be something special about getting under 200 lbs. for me.  It will be like finally busting through an imaginary barrier and I cannot wait to do it!  Remember, merely wishing won’t get you there, but making a definite plan will pave the way to success.  I would love to hear your goals; feel free to share.

Be Determined


  1. i am a huge believer in, and user of SMART goals in many parts of my life, including my weight loss journey. They work!

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