Just A Little Further To Go

More Than A DayDo you ever feel like your weight loss journey is an exercise in patience?  I am the first one to admit that patience is not one of my virtues and I think that God gives me plenty of opportunities to improve on this.  Of course after over two and a half years, I know better than anyone that weight loss is not an overnight process and it certainly requires a lot of patience and hard work.  As my Dad has often reminded me over the last few years, “You didn’t gain the weight overnight; you’re not going to lose it overnight.”  And while this is often hard to accept, it is certainly true.

I remained diligent in my efforts this week from meticulous tracking to working out every single day (which definitely had me feeling great) and I was rewarded on the scale today for my efforts.  I was down exactly 1 lb. and I couldn’t be happier about that!  I NEVER say, “I ONLY lost 1 lb.” because even 1 lb. is significant.  If you don’t believe me, go to the grocery store and pick up 1 lb. of ground beef and that will give you a good perspective on what one pound looks like.

Weight 6.13.14

I have to be honest and tell you that I was slightly disappointed as I fell half a pound short of reaching my 170 lbs. lost milestone and .7 lbs. short of getting under the 200 lb. mark, but when I took a second to look at the BIG picture, my disappointment washed away.  My BIG picture looks something like this; I have been stuck at virtually the same point for a VERY long time now.  A few weeks ago, I finally started losing again (with the exception of a slight gain a few weeks ago) and last week I had a very significant loss.  So yes, I did fall a half pound short of where I wanted to be this week but the last several weeks (this one included) have been very successful and I still have a lot to be proud of.

I always call Michael when my meeting is over to let him know how I did (good, bad, or ugly) and regardless of the results, he always has an encouraging word for me and this week was no different.  As soon as I told him I missed it by half a pound he said, “You’ll get it next week,” and you know what, he’s right.  I WILL get it next week!

One of the most important things I have learned while losing 169 lbs. is that you cannot let a disappointment derail all of your hard work.  I can guarantee you there will be setbacks and disappoints along the way.  The key to success is to keep pushing forward, no matter what.  After my few seconds of disappointment this morning, a feeling of determination came over me and I knew in an instant that next week I WILL be standing on that scale celebrating being less than 200 lbs.!  This week would have been nice, but next week will be great too!

If you are feeling discouraged, remember that all of your hard work WILL pay off.  You just have to be patient and keep pushing towards your goal.  One day at a time and as my friend Nancy said in the meeting this morning, “Sometimes it’s not even one day at a time but one minute at a time.”  Remember, you can always e-mail me directly if you need some extra encouragement.  Enjoy your weekend!

Only Lost a Pound

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