Back and Forth and Back Again

Back and ForthI keep reminding myself that my weight loss is a journey that includes lots of learning experiences along the way.  I have to be honest though; sometimes I get tired of traveling and I feel like I am as smart as I care to be.  I know this isn’t the best attitude to have but it’s how I honestly feel sometimes and if you are going to be kind enough to take the time to read my story, I owe it to you to be honest.

The last two weeks have gone pretty well with a significant total loss over the two weeks.  I had decided that I was ready to take drastic measures in order to kick-start my weight loss and sadly, I knew what the ultimate consequence of those measures would be, but I went full steam ahead, in spite of my knowledge.  I decided that I would make drastic cuts in my daily Points Plus® consumption in order to boost my weight loss.  This is the worst thing anyone can do for themselves but I guess I was hopeful that I would be above the known consequences.

The problem with making drastic cuts in your food consumption (drastic being consumption that is well below what your body needs for nutritional health) is that by doing this, you send your body into starvation mode.  I was maintaining a daily Points Plus® consumption of 16 which, as my Weight Watchers friends know, is far below the bare minimum Points Plus® value that Weight Watchers assigns to anyone.  And as I know not only from all of my Weight Watchers experience but from Personal Trainer and Health Coach studies this is a temporary solution at best and a really bad thing to do to yourself.

So what was I hoping to accomplish by engaging in this bad behavior?  Well, I was hoping that I would start losing lots of weight and that basically starving myself would not eventually catch up with me.  I knew I was in trouble early in the week this week and things did not get better as the week progressed.  I knew I was in trouble because I was doing the very thing I caution everyone else against; I was weighing myself multiple times a day all week.  By the time I stepped on the scale last night, I was up 7.6 lbs. from last Friday.  I went into my meeting this morning prepared for the worst.  Luckily, by this morning I was only up 4.6 lbs. from last week.

Weight 6.20.14

The long and short of it is that I was able to lose 6.6 lbs. over the last two weeks but by the time this week rolled around, my body was in starvation mode and holding onto to every single bite I put in my mouth for fear that it wasn’t going to get any more food and I paid for it by gaining back 4.6 of the pounds I had lost.  It most definitely was not worth it!

The up side is that I learned a very valuable lesson by making this mistake (for which I already knew what the consequence would be) which is that there are NO shortcuts!  When you are working on achieving a huge goal, it’s going to take time and you have to be patient!!!  The sad part is that I already knew this, I just let my impatience and frustration get the best of me.

So, with this lesson under my belt I am embarking on a new week with a good attitude and ready to do the things I know I need to do in order to be successful.  I took the hit with the gain today and I am moving on.  I will be diligent with my exercise and tracking and I will consume my daily Points Plus® total each day.  I never use the 49 additional Points Plus® you get each week or my Activity Points Plus® and nothing will change about that, but no more starving myself.

I could kick myself sometimes for making this journey more difficult than it needs to be but what can I say, I am human and prone to making mistakes.  The trick is to learn from those mistakes and move on.  Here’s to a better week ahead.  Wishing you all a great weekend!

Your Best Teacher



  1. We’ve all done it. Sometimes, no matter how many people tell you something, you’ve got to try it for yourself. Just think of it as a science experiment and you’re just confirming other’s results for yourself. Really, it’s just the smart thing to do, right? 🙂

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