Broken Record

Broken RecordIf I sound like a broken record to myself, I can only imagine what I sound like to all of you.  Sometimes, as is the case tonight, there is just nothing new to report and other times, the posts may be repetitive because I feel the information is important and bears repeating.  As those of you on your own weight loss journey know, it can be very beneficial to hear the same information repeated as it helps reinforce those positive lifestyle changes you are trying to make.  After all, as someone said in my Weight Watchers meeting this morning, what we are doing is for life.  There will never be a day when we can go back to our old ways (if we want to maintain the loss we have accomplished).

I feel like the hamster on the wheel, spinning in circles over and over but not actually ever getting anywhere.  The good news, as I try to remind myself, is that I have not experienced in tremendous regain, and for that I am extremely thankful.  Unfortunately, that does not change that fact that I have reached a stalemate with my weight loss and I am frustrated beyond belief.  The majority of my problem has been “messing with the program” and trying all sorts of my own modifications rather than just following the Weight Watchers plan.  These failed attempts to modify the plan have all been in an effort to kick-start or speed up my weight loss and obviously, they are not working.  I was up (again) 2.4 lbs. today.

Weight 6.27.14

It was suggested to me today that perhaps I am subconsciously sabotaging my weight loss and that it might be a good idea to explore possible reasons why I would do such a thing.  For instance, is there some area of my life in which I am not truly happy; am I afraid of losing the last of the weight; or has the last of the weight become some type of “security blanket” for me?  This was very interesting as I have not considered this idea and it gave me a lot of food for thought today.  I know the value of journaling but I have a terrible time actually committing myself to doing it.  This suggestion of possibly sabotaging myself inspired me to come home from my Weight Watchers meeting this morning and sit down and write several pages.  No, I did not uncover any definitive answers, but I did feel much better after putting some thoughts down on paper.  If I can make a daily habit of writing in my journal, maybe I can answer some questions.

I did feel very motivated and inspired after my meeting.  As you know, I am committed to reaching my goal and I got my week off to a great start with lots of good choices today.  I worked out, I have tracked everything I have eaten exactly, and by the time I go to bed, I will have consumed my daily Points Plus allotment, nothing more and nothing less.

I appreciate the fact that you all follow my story and I hope, if nothing else, it inspires you to keep going when you might feel like giving up.  It’s a long, sometimes difficult journey but I don’t regret starting it for even one second.  The loss I have already achieved has given me a new lease on life and losing these last 55 lbs. will just make my life that much sweeter.  So I am embarking on my week of self-exploration and I will be successful!  I wish you all a successful week as well!

Only Thing Standing in Your Way


  1. Kassie, take heart.

    I find you to be one of the inspirations on my journey. The fact that you have come so far, and spend your time and energy working to help others, is a combination that is both admirable, and one worth following.

    So, you ticked up a bit this week. It happens. The important thing is that you still care about where you are, and you are willing to take the hard look at yourself so you can get back on track.

    I am no psychologist, so I won’t speculate on things like secret sabotage. Instead I will relate this to something I know well, baseball. Frequently when a player is having a hard time – be it with hitting, fielding or pitching – they will seek out advice from a coach or other player. Sometimes a player in a slump can get very tied up in themselves and all the advice they are getting, and can spiral downwards. When that happens, the best thing to do is to return to the fundamentals.

    I think your notion of just following the WW program to the letter is the right way to go. It is a proven success story for millions of other people, and especially for you. Return to those fundamentals, and I am confident the pounds will begin melting off you quickly.

    Keep the faith, sister! We are all in this together, and I know you will triumph!

  2. I agree with Bobby, back to the fundamentals, running and walking with friends, jar of beads for the lbs left to go, keep the meals simple and healthy. We know you can do it! This part of the journey will help others to understand that it is important to never give up! Quitting is never an Option!

  3. I wish you all success on your weight loss journey. Always keep motivated and think of your goals. We know you can do it and you will be successful. All the best. Sarah

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