Renewed Strength

Being ChallengedI have to admit that I was a little down and out after weigh-in last Friday.  Though nothing had changed about my commitment to reach my goal, it’s easy to let the frustration get to you if you aren’t careful.  Fortunately, I have been around long enough to know that sitting around feeling sorry for myself never helps a problem.  Since I am the only one who can control my weight loss journey, it is up to me to pick myself up, dust myself off and keep going after a setback.

Since Friday, I have done exactly what I said I was going to and I have committed to journaling each day.  The interesting thing has been that the journal seems to be providing an extra layer of accountability which was a benefit I had not expected.  I understand that for the journal to be a beneficial tool for me, I have got to be honest when I write.  After all, if I am not truthful about my feelings and my actions, I am only hurting myself.  The concept is just the same as my food tracker for Weight Watchers.  If I eat a food but don’t write it down in my tracker so as to avoid accounting for the Points Plus® I consumed, I am the only person who gets hurt.

With all of this in mind, I sat down first thing Saturday morning and wrote about how I was feeling and what kind of day and week I wanted to have.  I did not just make one entry that morning but wrote snippets throughout the day about my feelings and any urges I had to eat something even though I knew I shouldn’t.  I used this same method of entry again on Sunday and today and it worked great!  The reason I think it worked so well is that because of my commitment to be truthful in my journal, I was able to talk myself off of the ledge (so to speak) several times over the last three days when I was really battling the urge to sneak food because I did not want to have to record the misstep in my journal.  Whatever works, right?

Pen is Excellent

I would have thought it would have taken the watchful eye of another person to make me this accountable but I am so thrilled that the journal is doing the trick.  I know it’s because of the long talk I had with myself to remind myself that dishonesty only hurts me.  I actually ended my entry on Saturday with the following demand; “Stop hurting Kassie!”

I want all of you to remember that your weight loss journey is your own.  No one can do the work for you and no one else can make you commit to the goal.  You have to want it enough to be honest with yourself about what you are eating and the work you are doing to reach the goal.  Remember, you are the one who will reap all of the benefits of your commitment and that alone should be enough to keep pushing you forward.  I already know all of these things firsthand.  I know the benefits I am living because of the weight I have already lost and I know all the wonderful things that are still ahead for me when I lose the last of it.  For me, continuing to hold myself accountable is the key.  If any of you have other suggestions to accomplish this, I would love to hear them.

Accountability 2


  1. Fattie no more says:

    I started a journal a few weeks ago and found it to be a really useful tool. I also added a ‘quote of the day’ and a ‘gratitude’ for the day type of entry for each day. Have gone off track a bit and not ‘journalled’ (not a word I am sure…lol) in a few day, but this entry makes me realise how important it is and to get back to that.

    I am glad you find the journal so beneficial to your journey:) The weigh-in can really get one down, but I like that you say it will not derail your commitment. I am the same, I do get down, but I know I won’t go back….mope for a day or two if need be, and get back up!

  2. Like the comment above (sorry, no way I am going to call you “fattie”!), I too am using my blog for accountability. I also post all my blog entries on Facebook, so my family and friends see where I am at all times.

    Ultimately for me it comes down to how badly I want it. When I was heading off to a family wedding a couple of weeks ago a wise, fellow blogger reminded me that the good feeling on the scale will far outweigh the temporary joy of over indulging. She was right! Those words helped me get through and lose weight that week.

    The thing about the weigh-in is that it is only a point in time. It shows where I have been during the week for sure, but ultimately, that moment on the scale is just that – a moment. What is important is all the moments in between. By you taking the step of keeping your personal journal, you are adding to your box of tools to help you stay accountable and true.

    As always, you are an inspiration, Kassie! Thank you.

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