Down Is Down

Positive Patient PersistentI am so sorry that I am running late with my weigh in report.  I did have a great 4th. Of July weekend and I hope all of you did as well.  In over 2 ½ years of weighing in on Fridays, this is the first time that a holiday has fallen on Friday and caused me to have to re-schedule my weigh in day.  I guess that’s a pretty good track record.

I opted to go to a Thursday morning meeting and it worked out very well.  It turned out that there were a lot of people from my regular meeting there so I felt right at home.  After slowly creeping up the past two weeks, I am happy to report to report that I was down ½ a pound this week.  I was a happy girl!  I know you are probably thinking that ½ a pound isn’t that big of a deal but my thoughts are, down is down.  I don’t really worry about how much; I just know that I would always rather be down than up.

Weight 7.3.14

I attribute my success to staying on plan last week.  I ate all of my daily Points Plus® but none of my extras from exercise and none of my 49 weekly extras.  I exercised a reasonable amount, but nothing over the top.  I felt like I put in a good effort all week long and I got a good return on my investment.

Weighing in before the start of the holiday weekend was good because I went into the holiday with the right mindset.  I was on my emotional “high” from being down and I knew that I didn’t want to do anything crazy that could potentially mess me up this week.  I stayed well within reason all weekend, even at the Braves game Friday night and I expect to be successful once again this week.

A good dose of accountability is the best way for me to enter into a special occasion and that is exactly what weighing in on Thursday morning did for me.  It gave me the level of accountability I needed to make wise food decisions all weekend.  I know that in order to be successful long-term, I cannot use holidays as an opportunity to throw caution to the wind.  I am serious enough about reaching my goal that I don’t look at it as a sacrifice to forego the hot dogs in favor of a salad.  I look at it as an investment in myself.  How did you invest in yourself over the weekend?  If you indulged over the weekend (and it’s perfectly okay if you did), how do you plan to invest in yourself this week to get back on track?  Make it a successful week!!!

Invest In Yourself 2


  1. Fattie no more says:

    Down is down….I totally agree! Well done:)

  2. Way to go Kassie! I knew you’d be back to your losing weight ways. Well done.

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