Attitude: You ARE Worth It

You're Worth ItI have learned in my weight loss journey that many times, success is based on your attitude.  I feel like attitude is so important that I have decided to do a series of posts on different areas in which attitude affects your weight loss success and how you might change your attitude about certain things in order to make your journey more successful.

Today I want to talk to you about the idea that you are worth it.  What I mean is that you are worth all of the hard work and effort that are required to lose weight.  You are also worth all of the wonderful rewards that your weight loss success will allow you to reap.  I think sometimes we get so caught up in trying to be successful in all the other areas of our life and we put the happiness and well-being of others so far above our own needs that we begin to feel like working on improving ourselves is somehow selfish.  This was a big hurdle for me to overcome.  I felt like if I took the time I needed for me to take care of myself, I would somehow be treating the people I cared about unfairly.  I had no understanding of the fact that I could not properly care for the people I loved because of the terrible condition my own health was in.  I had developed so many serious health issues because of all of the additional weight I was carrying that I could not enjoy even the smallest things in life and people closest to me suffered because of it.

It took a series of personal tragedies to open my eyes wide enough to make me see that my life meant something and I that not only do I deserve good health, but I am worth it.  My life and my health are worth every single second spent working out, shopping for and preparing healthy foods, attending Weight Watchers meetings, and any other thing I do to assist with my weight loss.  I am also worth every single reward I am enjoying because of my weight loss from having the love of my life, being able to buy “normal” clothes, fitting into a booth in a restaurant, no longer needing a seat belt extender, being able to wear bracelets and watches again, to ridding my body of Type II Diabetes, sleep apnea, and high cholesterol.

The idea that “you are worth it” is exactly why I have chosen to become a health coach and personal trainer.  I desperately want to help people understand that their life is worth so much more than being overweight and unhealthy can allow them to experience.  It is impossible to reach our full potential and utilize our gifts and talents to the fullest extent if we are saddled with the burden of too much weight and all of the complications that come with it.

Healthy Living

I challenge all of you to really think about all of the reasons that you are worth the time and effort it will take to get healthy and then decide what small steps you can start taking today to reach that goal.  If you are having trouble thinking of things, think of the people you love and the life you want to be able to enjoy with them.  Please realize that you believing you are worth it is far more valuable than anyone else believing you are worth it.  Your thoughts and beliefs are powerful motivators.  Don’t underestimate them!  If you are in the midst of your weight loss journey, I remind you that the work you are doing is some of the most important and beneficial work you will ever do and that quitting is never an option!!!

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