Attitude: Mind Power

Where Your Thoughts Have Brought YouWhen we are in pursuit of a specific goal, it is very easy to get so focused on the end result we are striving for that we lose sight of all of the other great things going on in our lives. I had a conversation with someone over the weekend that has exactly this mind-set and was completely un-open to hearing any other point of view.  This person mistakenly believes that they will not be able to experience any happiness in their life until they have reached the ideal weight.  The conversation left me feeling very sad for this person as I know they are going to end up missing out on many wonderful things for no good reason.

While I will admit that we live in a society that is very focused on image and we are bombarded at every turn with images of what the supposed ideal image is, it is up to us whether or not we allow ourselves to buy into this mindset and let it rule our lives.  The first question I think you need to ask yourself is, “Who decided what the ideal image is?”  What is ideal for one person may be totally wrong for another.

When I made the decision to start dating again after my divorce, I was only 5 months into my weight loss journey.  I had lost about 58 lbs, still weighed over 300 lbs. and yes, I was a bit apprehensive about dating again, but I also knew that I didn’t want to wait until I had reached my weight loss goal before I got out there again.  I have to tell you, I am thankful every day that I went ahead when I did.  By believing that I had the right to be happy and putting myself out there, I ended up meeting a wonderful man who has always loved me exactly where I was in my journey and if I had believed that I wasn’t good enough without having lost all of the weight first, I would have missed all of the happiness I have experienced with him over the last 2+ years.

What is my point?  Whatever you believe about yourself will be your truth.  If you believe you cannot be happy or that you are not good enough because you still need to lose weight, then you are right.  If you believe that no one will find you attractive or that you cannot enjoy certain activities until you reach your goal, then you are right.  But guess what?  If you believe that you can be happy, you are good enough, people will find you attractive, and that you can enjoy a variety of activities, you are right about that too.

Whether You Think You Can

Your thoughts and beliefs are extremely powerful; they will dictate the direction your life goes.  I don’t know about you but I see enough negative in the world, I certainly don’t need to point my life in a negative direction based on my own thoughts and beliefs (which I have total control over).  I don’t want to get so focused on the number of pounds I still need to lose that I forget about all of the wonderful things I have to be thankful for, right now.

I understand that for many, this would be a very new way of thinking and it doesn’t just happen overnight.  Trust me; I used to be very quick to look at the worst case scenario.  It took a lot of time and practice for me to develop a more positive way of thinking.  Many things helped me with this change including spending time with like-minded people, Bible study, and practice, practice, practice.  If negative thoughts and beliefs are holding you back, try putting a positive spin on things and see what it does to change your overall outlook and change your focus from what you haven’t yet accomplished to what you are able to enjoy because of all you have already accomplished.  And most importantly, don’t put your happiness/life on hold waiting for a particular event to occur first.  Life is way too short and you don’t want to run the risk of missing out altogether.

How to Be Happy

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