Weight For It

Dream Cars 8.22.14I know this weigh-in report is late, but I had a GREAT weekend and ran short of time.  It seems like I just blinked and it was Monday again.  Michael took me to The High Museum of Art in Atlanta on Friday evening to see the Dream Cars Exhibit.  It’s a display of prototype cars created as far back as 70 years ago which were never put into production but were very interesting to look at.  It was also really neat to see how even 50+ years ago; a lot of the concepts that we consider “new technology” in cars today had already been thought of.  We had a wonderful evening but it left me no time to check in with all of you, so here goes…

I was up .4 (point 4) pounds on Friday.  I am never happy to be up, but it was less than a pound, so I feel like it wasn’t too bad.  I knew one thing for sure when I was standing on that scale, I was planning for a wonderful weekend and there was NO way I was going to let that weigh-in spoil my fun.  I always look at Fridays as the beginning of a new week and a chance for a fresh start.

Weight 8.22.14

I am proud of the food choices I made over the weekend and I am switching up my diet as I feel like I really need to shake things up to get my weight loss moving again.  I realized last week that I was literally eating the exact same foods every day and even eating them at the exact same times every day.  Why wouldn’t my body and my metabolism be in a rut?

As I told a client this morning, there’s no use letting a gain get you down.  This person was very down about being up 1 lb. but as I explained to them, that is the easiest way to set yourself up for a bad week. The best thing you can do is brush it off and move on and that is what I am doing.  We can be our own worst critics and our own worst enemies and we have to be very careful not to sabotage our own efforts.  Aren’t there enough roadblocks to weight loss out there without creating our own?

K&M Dream Cars 8.22.14



  1. That museum sounds very interesting. Seeing all those concept cars together, and realizing how far technology has come in 50+ years, then realizing what may lie ahead, would be a lot of fun. If I am ever in Atlanta with an extra day, I may have to plan for a stop there.

    I love that you don’t let one bad weigh-in get you down. I, like you, see my weigh-in as the beginning of a new week, and setting yourself up for success is so important.

    You and I are a lot alike it seems. I find myself also being in a rut sometimes with food. Even healthy habits can still put us in that rut. Looking forward to seeing how you shake things up.

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