Only Eighteen Weeks

Perfect TimeIt just occurred to me this morning that there are only 18 weeks left in this year!  Can you believe it?  New Year’s Day is exactly 18 weeks from tomorrow!  On the one hand, eighteen weeks sounds like a considerable amount of time; on the other hand, I know that time will actually pass very quickly.

Most of you know I am not a fan of waiting for a special date or day of the week to start pursuing your weight loss goals so you will not be surprised to hear that I think TODAY is a great day to start a weight loss program (if you haven’t already).  I know that weight loss is a very popular New Year’s resolution.  I see it year after year; the Weight Watchers meetings are packed in January and most of February but by March have dropped back to “regular” size.

This time of year is perfect for starting your weight loss routine (or re-committing to the routine you are already practicing) for a lot of reasons.  First of all, once school is back in session it seems like it is easier for most people to stick to a routine.  Second, wouldn’t it be nice to be a few pounds lighter when the holidays roll around?  Lastly, it feels great to finish the year strong rather than finishing with 10 or so extra pounds of holiday weight that just put your weight loss goal a little further away from your reach.

Yes, weight loss regiments are difficult during the holidays but certainly not impossible.  Think about it; if you start now then by Thanksgiving you will have already perfected the phrase, “no thank you.”  If you are already in the “weight loss groove” and have seen some weight come off, that pumpkin pie is going to look a lot less desirable to you, I promise!

Before It's Fought

Also, if you are not currently exercising, now is the perfect time to start that too.  The weather will be getting cooler and we are already having some nice evenings here in Georgia; perfect for a walk after dinner.  My exercise routine really helps me navigate the holiday landmine of delicious treats in that I see the wonderful treats and like everyone else, I think of how delicious they are and my mouth begins to water.  I think a second longer though about how much extra time that delicious treat will cost me on the treadmill and suddenly it doesn’t sound so good anymore.

Good habits do not happen overnight though and that is why I want you to strongly consider the value of beginning or re-committing to a weight loss regiment NOW; before the holidays get here!  Make a plan to finish 2014 STRONG and think of how far ahead you will be of the folks waiting for New Year’s to address weight loss.  You can do a lot of damage to yourself in 18 weeks.  Weight loss is difficult enough; start now and make it as easy as possible!

Finish Strong



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