Where There’s a Will There’s a Weigh

Bad AttitudeI could not write this post on Friday because I was not in the right frame of mind and I knew it.  When I started this blog, the idea was to encourage all of you and I definitely did not have anything encouraging to say on Friday.  I am ashamed to say that I let my frustrations get the better of me and I had two crying melt-downs before Noon.  Now that my pity party is over, I feel like its safe to tell you about my weigh-in.

For the third week in a row my weight was up and this time it was bad.  I went up 3.6 lbs. and the worst part was that I had truly committed to sticking to plan and I had actually done it.  Deep down I realize that being up probably had everything to do with not being on plan the week before and nothing to do with what I did in the current week but I was far too frustrated to admit it.

Weight 9.5.14

After much reflection over the weekend I can admit that it will probably take some time for my body to recover from all the crazy things I have been trying in hopes of speeding up my weight loss and get back on track.

I am super proud to report that I am once again on track this week and following my Weight Watchers plan exactly.  It has not been easy especially given the fact that yesterday was Michael’s birthday.  We went out to a wonderful dinner with his parents last night and when we went back to their house I was faced with not one but two birthday cakes!  Because it was so important to me to celebrate with Michael and still work towards my weight loss goal, I made sure to plan my day out very carefully so that I could enjoy dinner and a little bit of cake.  I ate very light throughout the day, went to the restaurant’s website and found the best choice for my dinner (and pre-tracked it) and left myself 14 Points Plus® for birthday cake.  I had a delicious grilled chicken salad for dinner and Michael cut a very small piece of each of the cakes for me.  I ate one but left part of the icing and ate just a few bites of the other piece.  It was delicious but extremely rich.  As I told Michael, I could have finished it but I knew I would feel bad physically and mentally if I did.  It was a great feeling to enjoy all of the celebrating without being thrown off of my weight loss course.  It was also good practice for me as we have another birthday celebration coming up this weekend as Michael’s dad turns 80.  I’m feeling very confident.  I CAN do this!

Special thanks to my Dad and Michael for all of their words of encouragement this weekend and for reminding me to focus on how far I’ve come rather than how far I have to go.  I encourage all of you to do the same and if you are struggling right now remember this too shall pass.

Best Day of Your Life


  1. Good morning, Kassie.

    Since I started my journey back in March, I have looked to a few blogs for extra inspiration and support to buoy my spirits. Yours has been prime among them. Today I am going to make an attempt to give back.

    I know you’ve struggled in recent weeks / months to stay on your weight loss track. You have plateaued, tried some fixes, rededicated yourself to the basics, and still have struggled. I feel for you.

    Each week I see your progress chart, and it shows me the last several weeks worth. Lately the slope has been upwards, or saw-toothed, and that has frustrated you. But your story isn’t told in the increments of a few weeks. Your story goes back much further. How would your graph look if it started at the beginning to now? I am betting it would show a woman who has made amazing strides, lost nearly a whole person’s worth of weight, and has kept the vast majority of that weight off. It would be a success story.

    The end of your post gave me hope that your head is back in the right direction. This is a journey, and it is a journey that has road blocks, and pot holes and any other metaphoric impediment you want to count along the way. None of that changes the fact that you are on the right path, that you are dedicated to the right methods, and that you have a proven track record.

    Keep your chin up, Kassie!

    You know… even in your struggles you are an inspiration. My day is coming when I will be in the frustrated state you are now. And when it comes I will think back to this amazing Southern Belle and how she gracefully worked her way through.

  2. My heart goes out to you. I can’t tell you how often my weight graph looked like yours- upward trend. In my pain I wasn’t able to course correct and kept re-trying to do the same thing.

    Here’s to leveling off, looking at what’s working and changing things up. Keep going, keep looking and change what is needed. I know that what lead me to certain places in my path did not sustain me, but changing thinking and plans did.


  3. I couldn’t say it any better than Bobby-C. If you work the plan it will work for you. Maybe now is the time to focus on some NSV.

  4. Miss you, Kassie. Hope To See You Posting soon

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