Happy Dance

Happy DanceWhat a difference a week makes!  This is why I say “Quitting Is Never an Option!”  You are going to have a bad week here and there throughout your weight loss journey but if you let one bad week ruin all of your efforts, you will never know what might have been.  I was feeling really down after last week’s weigh-in but certainly not down enough to give up.  Thank goodness!

I decided to dig my heels in and just keep pushing this past week and I am so glad I did!  As I keep saying, follow the Weight Watchers plan because IT WORKS!  Following the plan, I was able to lose 5 lbs. this week!  I was definitely doing the “happy dance” when I stepped off of the scale at my meeting.  I was flooded with feelings of happiness and pride and that did SO much to boost my confidence.

Weight 9.12.14

Michael and I attended his Dad’s 80th. Birthday party on Saturday (in addition to going to dinner with his parents Friday night) and I felt great about both things.  Being down 5 lbs. made it so much easier to pass on the foods I knew I really shouldn’t eat.  I did allow myself one small piece of cake at the party on Saturday but I had planned for it and pre-tracked it so I felt like it was okay.

To celebrate my victory on the scale, I treated myself to two new, inexpensive dresses and wore one to each event this weekend.  I will post some pictures later this week so you can see.  I always suggest treating yourself to a non-food reward when you reach a milestone on the scale.  Everyone likes a treat, it feels nice to celebrate, and it’s good incentive to keep moving forward.

Wishing you all a wonderful week!!!

Magnify Your Success


  1. Ruth Chickini says:

    So happy for you Kassie!

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Way to go, Kassie! What a great result you had from getting back to basics. Well done!

  3. Yeah, Kassie! Your hard work and determination is such an inspiration to me. I agree about the non-food rewards. Not only do they provide some immediate gratification, but you can look at them later and realize that they symbolize your accomplishment.

    • You are right Annette. I started a Pandora charm bracelet and I with each big loss, I would add a new charm. It’s nice to look at my beautiful bracelet now and see not only the charms but my accomplishments with each one.

  4. Excellent! Great Job!

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