Two for One

Two for OneWell, I suppose you were all wondering if I dropped off the face of the earth.  I have to admit, I’ve been wondering the same thing.  Things have been very hectic, in a good way, getting started with my new job and I have not been doing a good job of juggling my time.  So a beautiful Saturday morning seemed like the perfect time to sit down and catch-up with my readers.

All is well.  I have been following the Weight Watchers Simple Start plan for the last two weeks and have been pleasantly surprised at how much easier it is than the first time I tried it back in the Spring.  I think my mindset is just in a better place now which as we all know, makes all of the difference!

I had great success last week as I was down a whopping 4.8 lbs.!  I was beyond thrilled with that number as it gets me super close to falling under the 200 lb. mark which has been a goal of mine for quite some time now.

Weight 10.10.14

This past Friday, after another week of following Simple Start I was up slightly, .2 lbs., but I still feel good about what I am eating and decided to follow the plan for yet another week.  There were a few other factors that played into last week and I really feel confident that my small gain was not related to Simple Start.

Weight 10.17.14

I am still struggling a bit with not counting Points Plus and trying not to feel out of control while I follow the other plan, but it is nice to see that I can apply what I have learned over the last three years while counting and measuring and I think I have a much more accurate idea of correct portion sizes.  I have to admit that it was a struggle at first because the plan requires you to eat more structured meals than what I have been doing but I will say that I find myself feeling more satisfied and I have less desire to snack throughout the day.

I am excited to see what happens this week and report back to you.  If any of you have had success with the Simple Start plan, I would love to hear your story!

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  1. Well done, Kassie! Good to see you have had success in your recent weigh-ins.

    Keep up the great work and awesome momentum.

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