Balancing Act

Happy DecemberI hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and family and that you were all able to avoid disaster while being tempted by delicious comfort foods.  I was lucky in the sense that we ate out so there were no opportunities for second helpings and there are no tempting leftovers lurking in my refrigerator.  I actually ended up having a grilled chicken salad for my meal and I was happy to be able to make a healthy choice and not feel obligated to eat things I shouldn’t just because someone had cooked them.  The other thing I had going for me that day was that I knew I would be weighing in at 8 o’clock Friday morning.  Nothing like the threat of having to step on the scale the next morning to keep you honest in the buffet line.

After a 7 lb. loss last week, I was prepared for some balancing out this week and was not too terribly surprised to see that I was up 2.2 lbs.  As long I was still under that “200” number, I was happy.  I was a bit off schedule last week with my workouts but I did get in plenty of yard aerobics as well as decorating aerobics (i.e. lugging the super heavy artificial tree up from the basement and then assembling it).

Weight 11.28.14

This week things are a little more “normal” and I feel confident that I will have good results on Friday for my efforts.  Not allowing myself to be surrounded by temptations will be another key factor in my holiday success.  It seems like there are so many landmines to navigate this time of year but with a little careful planning and forethought, it is completely possible to make it through this season unscathed.

Throughout the following week I will be posting some tips on successfully navigating the season.  Wishing you all a successful week!

Mostly Water


  1. I recently moved to a new position. The folks in my old job had their annual in-office breakfast today and invited me. And after work a larger group is going out for cocktails and appetizers. As much as I would like to see some of them, hanging around the calorie-fest that would have been either of those events was too much to take. I decided to avoid the near occasion of sin. 🙂

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