Still In the Game

I Can Do This 3So I’m sure that you were all beginning to wonder if I had decided that quitting was indeed an option.  I can assure you, I definitely have NOT!  I am struggling though and because of that, I have been feeling like I’m not really qualified to be doling out weight loss advice when I haven’t been too successful myself lately.  After a lot of thought it occurred to me that what might be helpful to many of you would be to know that others are struggling so that if that is where you are, you don’t feel all alone.

Do you ever feel like you need to get your head on straight?  That’s what I’ve been feeling like the last few weeks.  I have been reaching deep inside myself to muster the resolve I need to complete this weight loss journey.  I want it, but lately it seems I haven’t wanted it badly enough to make the “right” choices.  So this past Friday I had to have a little talk with myself and ask, “Are you serious about reaching your goal or not, and if you are, when are you planning to get serious, be honest about what you’re doing, and get this done?” Friday was a super successful day and I sure did feel good when it was all said and done.  Because I felt so good, I decided to repeat the process for Saturday and Sunday.  It’s nice to end the day with no guilt or remorse.

2015 Will Be My Year


Today is going just as well and I am declaring that I will be successful this week, in spite of a birthday celebration in the mix.  With careful planning and tracking, success is certainly possible.  My spirits are a bit dampened, but I am NOT giving up.  I am going to get the arrow on this graph moving in the right direction.

Weight 1.23.15


  1. Hi Kassie. Welcome back!

    I never had a thought that you would give up. “Give up” is not part of the vocabulary of the Kassie I know.

    I understand struggling. We all do from time to time. And as far as you doling out advice, you are most definitely right that it is when we are struggling that we most need to hear about others people’s struggles. Not because misery loves company, or because anyone would relish in the idea that another is having a rough time. Rather, because it helps us all feel a bit more human, a bit more real. When I am struggling, I want to know I am not alone. I want to know someone else understands what I feel. And, I want to know that the struggle is worth it.

    When I started my journey, your blog was among the first that I chose to follow. You are an inspiration to many. You’ve accomplished much, and you have lived the journey so many of us are on.

    Here is a thought for you. Perhaps rather than thinking of this blog as a place where you dole out advice, and where you always have to be the shining, optimistic example, why not think of this as a place where you just witness to your daily journey, to your daily struggles? I don’t think I am alone when I say that some of us need to see that from time to time.

    Hugs to you. Glad you are here.

  2. One more thought. I think the meme at the top of this post should be changed slightly. What if it said “You have to get up every morning & say to yourself ‘I DO this!'”

    Not I can, but I DO.

    Some mornings I don’t want to get out of bed at 4am to work out. It is on those mornings that I tell myself “I am a 4am workout person. now get moving”.

    Most days that works. 🙂

  3. Nail Doc 47 says:

    The information you have shared reminds me of several lessons taught at ww meetings
    Thank you
    Please keep blogging your journey.

    You rock lady ,
    Interested to see what I can reenforce in my journey.
    Blessings to you & Hubby.
    Naildoc47 , California

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