The Truth Will Set You Free

Strong Enough to Stand AloneIt is certainly no secret that I am struggling with my weight loss efforts these days.  I don’t understand why I have hit this wall but I have and I am doing my best to work through it.  The simple solution is to not eat foods that you know you shouldn’t eat.  As those of you with food issues know, this logic is much easier said than adhered to.  I don’t understand why I am struggling with closet eating and I don’t know exactly how to go about filling the void I am trying to fill with food.  I would first need to know what the “void” is.

In the last week I have realized that being honest with everyone around me about my struggles is one of the only ways I am ever going to get past my struggle.  I have to stop sugar-coating things for everyone around me and pretending that everything is fine when it obviously is not.

The one I really struggled to admit this problem to is Michael.  It’s embarrassing and I feel ashamed that I struggle with wanting to sneak food or binge snack on foods that I know I shouldn’t.  However, I know deep down that he cannot support me or help me if he doesn’t know everything that is going on.  No one can.  I have struggled with posting on the blog in light of the fact that I’m not losing weight right now.  I don’t feel “right:” about giving out advice that I’m not adhering to myself.  But, by not sharing my struggle with all of you, I am not being honest about how this weight loss journey really works and I am denying myself my accountability partners who can most likely offer me some valuable advice to help me get through this period.

I finally mustered up the courage to tell Michael a few of my struggles and how he can help me and I felt SO much better once I did.  And of course, he was just as sweet and supportive as he always is and didn’t make me feel ashamed at all (as I knew he wouldn’t).  I am surrounded by a tremendous support network of people who are willing to help me.  Now I just have to work on being honest with those people and asking for help.

I was not surprised to find that I was up 2.6 lbs. on Friday but I am determined to get moving in the opposite direction.  If any of you are struggling right now, I encourage you to keep the faith.  Lasting weight loss is entirely possible but trying to do it alone can be a big mistake.  I need as much support and encouragement as I can get and I am extremely fortunate to be surrounded by it at every turn in my life.  From my incredible Dad to my wonderful boyfriend, to my awesome network of extended family and friends, I am truly blessed and I will be leaning on all of them for continued support to get me to the finish line.

Weight 2.6.15


  1. So so so proud of you, my beautiful, courageous friend! Thank you for leading the charge with your honesty and transparency, and for never, ever giving up! Love ya, girl!

  2. I am glad you have “come clean”, with Michael. More importantly, you are coming clean with yourself. We all struggle sometimes. Having g the struggle out in the light of day makes the burden easier for sure.

    I know you’ll prevail

    • Thank you Bobby! As we all know, this weight loss journey is a “one day at a time” thing. Being honest about my real struggles is certainly helping me and I am thankful for all of the understanding and support I have in my life. I am VERY lucky!

  3. Kassie: I think you would be surprised at how your honesty, struggles, ups and downs and willingness to share personal things with your readers is actually a big influence and help to myself and my husband. This winter has been hard on everyone! The only thing I would say is not to Live your Diet but instead to Live your Life, and have the diet and exercise next. Each positive step, whether mental, exercising or food choices all work hand in hand. I don’t know anything about your relationship, but I know Kraig and I have enhanced our relationship just from walking together after work – we are able to exercise, destress from work, share our day, etc. Is Michael just a sounding board and supporter of your diet and goals or is he an active part of the program in some way? Don’t put too much pressure on yourself – which I can see would be easy to do especially when being so honest about your weekly ups and downs. I can see this stress causing some of the other issues. To me – you have already made a positive step and progress , just by going to your weekly meeting, posting your blog and making good choices for your health. Everything else will fall in line, in God’s timeframe, not necessarily your timeframe.

    • Leigh Ann: I really appreciate your message. Thank you for your support and thank you so much for reading the blog. You are exactly right about living my life first and having everything else fall into place after that and yes, it will all work in harmony once I learn to have peace about some things. There is a certain amount of pressure but for the most part, it’s a good pressure because it makes me accountable. The trick is to not let it become too much because that stress will definitely lead to making poor choices. I definitely try to remain focused on where I’ve come from rather than where I need to go. The improvements I have already made in my health and my life are tremendous. God’s timing is exactly right…too bad that doesn’t always match our timeframe. 🙂

  4. Hang in there. Sometimes after losing so much it is best to maintain for a few weeks or months. Then when you are ready start it up again. You have done great, and I know you can do it just don’t give up no matter what. We are here for you and we all understand your struggle.

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