Marching on Through

Spring Has SprungI’m not even sure how long it has been since I had time to sit down and write but I do know one thing; it’s been way too long!  I hope this post finds all of you doing well.  Spring is in the air here in Georgia and I couldn’t be happier!  I love the longer days, warmer temperatures, and plentiful sunshine.  All of those things make me feel more alive and more motivated to reach my goals.

My weight loss has been up, down, and stagnant, but I have made some important revelations in the last few weeks and by implementing a few simple changes, I have been able to lose weight the last three weeks in a row.  Whether you hear from me or not, you can rest assured that I have not given up on my health or my goals.

Weight 4.3.15

I had mentioned to you before that I had gotten into a terrible habit of weighing myself multiple times per week (oftentimes multiple times per day) which I NEVER recommend anyone doing.  Michael noted a few weeks ago that it seemed like when I was diligent about not weighing throughout the week, I seemed to lose more consistently.  I started thinking about it and he was right.  So that Friday, I re-committed myself to not weighing throughout the week along with HONESTLY tracking during the week and what do you know?  It’s working!!!

I will admit that I have hit some bumps along the way in my journey that I never expected.  I assumed that I would have been done at this point but I have learned that my timetable and reality are sometimes two different things.  I’m also learning that bumps in the road are not necessarily a bad thing.  I think that sometimes they are opportunities for us to learn to enjoy the journey and to learn the things we need to learn along the way.  I am also learning that the journey I am on is a lifetime one.  There is no “end” to a healthy lifestyle.  Therefore, it is in my best interest to take advantage of all of the learning opportunities that come my way and enjoy each and every day.

Stop Waiting for Friday


  1. Kassie
    I’m proud of your consistency to your lifestyle change and happy for your continued success. Your quote you ended with is something I need to hear. It’s easy to be waiting for something to happen and forget the present. Thanks for sharing

  2. I’m glad you’re back writing. I’ve missed you. I’m on a plateau .yself and working through it. You continue ue to be an inspiration to me as always

  3. carolebeth says:

    I just found your blog and your words are just what I needed! Thank you for your encouragement!

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