Three Signs You’re Ready to Start the Journey

A Fresh Start

The number one question I get is, “How did you lose the weight?”  I think a lot of people are hoping I will be the one to give them the “magic bullet” answer; the one where you don’t have to do any work, make any sacrifices, etc.…  The one where you just declare you want to be thin and poof…you’re thin.  As much as I hate to disappoint, the cold hard fact is that the journey does require lots of hard work and some sacrifice.  I always tell people, you are never going to lose the weight until you are “ready,” but that often leads to looks of confusion so I thought it might be good to summarize three good indicators that you are “ready” to embark on a health and wellness journey.


  1. It’s all about you: While I think support from family and friends are critical to anyone’s success, you have to truly want to be healthy for yourself.  If you are only getting started on the journey because you feel pressured by family and friends or even society to do so, it is very unlikely you will stick with it long-term and find lasting success.


  1. You have to be willing to do the work: A lot of times, when people ask how I did it and I start listing off my exercise and eating plan, I get immediate pushback in the form of them telling me everything they are NOT willing to do. At that point, I know they are most likely not ready.  If your list of things you are NOT willing to do is longer than the list of things you ARE willing to do, it may not be “your time.”


  1. You need long-term goals: I think short-term goals are great “carrots” to keep us motivated, but if you are only embarking on the journey to fit into a certain outfit in a few months, what is going to keep you going after you achieve that goal?  I think it’s critical to always be looking at the big picture.  I definitely have short-term goals and outfits I want to fit into in a certain amount of time but the long-term goals that keep me going for the long haul are, not wanting to have Type II Diabetes again, wanting quality of life in my later years, and wanting to be the best, healthiest version of myself.


Notice that none of these things has to do with attaining a certain number on the scale.  The scale is only one measure of success but there are so many other factors that play into a health and wellness journey.  Don’t get so fixated on a number that you miss out on all of the other benefits.


If you are already on the journey, tell me in the comments what signs let you know that you were ready to get started.  If you are getting ready to start the journey, please know that these three factors are not definitive and will differ from person to person.  What is your heart telling you that lets you know you are ready to get healthy? What Is Meant for You


  1. My heart leaped when I saw your name in my inbox!!! Glad you are back posting.

  2. somethingsomething70 says:

    Seeing unhealthy people close to me and knowing I didn’t want to be like that was a sign for me.

    • I think that is a GREAT one, Ginger! A health and wellness journey truly does improve your quality of life!!! So happy to have you as one of my mentors!

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