Following My Passion By Letting Go

Richard Branson Follow Your Passion


As I prepare to start the next incredible chapter in my journey, I have begun the process of “minimizing” my possessions.  I started studying the concept of minimalism six or eight months ago when my Dad told me about a TedX talk he had listened to by The Minimalists ( and I immediately became intrigued.  Is it really possible that I am not required to hang onto things that do not bring me joy?  Am I really free to release these things, without any guilt for having done so?  AND…is it possible that releasing some of the “material” weight in my life could also help me release some of the “physical” weight my body has been holding on to?


In the last eight weeks, I have literally let go of truckloads of “stuff.”  Throughout the process of packing and preparing to move, I have gone through hundreds of boxes, many of which had not been opened in at least seven years.  As I began to sort through these items, it occurred to me that if I had not needed these things for 7 + years, it was not likely that I was going to need them in the future.  So why was I holding on to them?  In many cases what I discovered was that I felt a sense of guilt or obligation about the items.  Those feelings seemed to be tied in large part to how much the item cost or who gave the item to me.  The realization I came to (with the help of family and friends) is that just because something served a purpose in your life at another time does not mean it will ALWAYS have purpose in your life.  And since the money spent on the item is gone and could likely never be recouped in full, it’s best to realize that while the item brought you joy and served a purpose at one time, it’s okay to release it if that time has passed.  I had not realized how much stress and anxiety the over-abundance of “things” surrounding me was causing me.  Releasing so much stuff has truly made my environment feel lighter.


What I have come to realize in the last eight weeks is that this same concept can be applied to the weight my body has been holding on to.  I think I had begun, subconsciously, to believe that weight loss defined me.  If I am not Kassie who is on a weight loss journey, who am I?  Deep down, I think I have been afraid of letting go of the last of the weight because I would no longer have any excuse to not follow my passion of helping other people achieve their health and wellness goals.  If some of the weight was still there, then I could make the justification that I was not yet truly qualified to help people.  I now understand that is NOT TRUE!!!


Just like holding on to every greeting card I ever received in my life, boxes of childhood toys, and outdated clothing was not allowing a certain amount of freedom in my life, neither is holding on to the weight.  What I have learned is that it is okay to release not only material possessions taking up valuable space in your life but also the extra pounds that you may be using as an excuse to hold yourself back.  Remember, none of us is promised tomorrow and your life is happening RIGHT NOW!

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