Decide. Commit. Succeed.

decide-commit-succeedBeing that I recently celebrated the five-year anniversary of embarking on my health and wellness journey, the past few weeks have been a time for some reflection.  In some ways, five years seems like such a long time, but when I think of all that I have accomplished in that time period, I feel extremely blessed.


I am always in search of inspirational words and quotes to share on the Facebook page for the blog and in the class I teach.  A few months ago, I came across three seemingly simplistic words that I have not been able to shake.  Decide. Commit.  Succeed.  These three words really struck a chord with me.  Is it really as simple as, decide, commit, and succeed?  Do goals that sometimes seem unattainable really boil down to three words?  This has been on my mind in the weeks since I first saw this on a meme and the more I have thought about it, the more I believe that it really is this simple.  The reason I know for sure is because I have actually lived it.


When I started the weight loss journey this time around, the first thing I did was make the decision that I sick and tired of being sick and tired.  All of my previous failed attempts at weight loss had been based on other people’s decisions and as I quickly learned, that does not work.  I had to make the decision that I wanted it for myself before I could be successful.


Next, I committed that I would stick with the journey, for life.  Someone asked me just a few weeks ago how in the world I had managed to hang in there for five years?  The answer is actually very simple.  When I set out on this journey, I knew that it would be a complete lifestyle transformation, not a diet, so if you are radically changing your lifestyle, you have to make a lifetime commitment to it as a lifestyle change is not for a temporary amount of time.  AND…I never let myself forget how unhappy and unhealthy I was prior to embarking on this journey.  I am COMMITTED to NEVER going back to that place.


What I know for sure is that if you will make the decision that you want to improve your health and wellness and you will commit to making the necessary changes, success WILL follow!



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