Still In the Game

So I’m sure that you were all beginning to wonder if I had decided that quitting was indeed an option.  I can assure you, I definitely have NOT!  I am struggling though and because of that, I have been feeling like I’m not really qualified to be doling out weight loss advice when I haven’t […]

The Mind Is A Powerful Thing

People often ask me how I have lost the weight.  I am always honest and tell them it has taken lots of hard work which has included following Weight Watchers diligently and working out diligently.  But I believe that even more important than Weight Watchers and exercise is the fact that I was truly ready […]

What Keeps You Focused?

If you are like me and you have been on this weight loss journey for a while now, do you ever find yourself struggling to stay focused?  You started out wanting to lose the weight and nothing has changed about that, but some days it seems you are more easily pulled off course than others.  […]

Back On Track

Since my new week starts on Friday with my weekly weigh in, I find myself at the end of a week that has had me somewhat out of sorts.  Between my birthday and the unexpected snow days we have had here in Atlanta, I feel like I have been a bit off track this week.   […]

A Tale of Two Dads

As promised, today I want to talk about the health related motivation for weight loss and fit living that I received on Tuesday.  This experience also proves that motivation comes from many different sources and sometimes you have to look carefully to find those sources. When we are younger, it’s easy to get caught up […]

Who’s That Girl?

Weight loss offers us so many rewards, health related as well as cosmetic, and all of them make the hard work worthwhile.  I have to be honest with you though, sometimes, those cosmetic rewards motivate me far more than the health rewards.  I know that sounds bad, but I am just being truthful. I had […]