The Truth Will Set You Free

It is certainly no secret that I am struggling with my weight loss efforts these days.  I don’t understand why I have hit this wall but I have and I am doing my best to work through it.  The simple solution is to not eat foods that you know you shouldn’t eat.  As those of […]

Pushing Past The Plateau

This week I am focused on trying to push past the plateau that I seem to have been at for the last year.  Given that I lost 150 lbs in sixteen months and in the last year I’ve only lost 12 lbs, you can imagine how frustrated I am. I am trying to take an […]

Shout if From the Rooftops

Let’s face it; telling other people about our weight loss plans is scary.  What if they laugh, what if they tell us we can’t do it, or worse yet, what if they hold us accountable?  I think the thought of being held accountable is the scariest of all of those possibilities.  However, I have learned […]