Three Signs You’re Ready to Start the Journey

The number one question I get is, “How did you lose the weight?”  I think a lot of people are hoping I will be the one to give them the “magic bullet” answer; the one where you don’t have to do any work, make any sacrifices, etc.…  The one where you just declare you want […]

Balancing Act

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and family and that you were all able to avoid disaster while being tempted by delicious comfort foods.  I was lucky in the sense that we ate out so there were no opportunities for second helpings and there are no tempting leftovers lurking in my refrigerator.  […]

Where There’s a Will There’s a Weigh

I could not write this post on Friday because I was not in the right frame of mind and I knew it.  When I started this blog, the idea was to encourage all of you and I definitely did not have anything encouraging to say on Friday.  I am ashamed to say that I let […]

Only Eighteen Weeks

It just occurred to me this morning that there are only 18 weeks left in this year!  Can you believe it?  New Year’s Day is exactly 18 weeks from tomorrow!  On the one hand, eighteen weeks sounds like a considerable amount of time; on the other hand, I know that time will actually pass very […]

The Weigh Fridays Go

Since I’m still in the process of helping my readers get to know me, I thought this would be a good day to explain the significance of Fridays for me.  It was not really “on purpose” that I signed up for Weight Watchers on a Friday; it just worked out that way.  On that first […]