Decide. Commit. Succeed.

Being that I recently celebrated the five-year anniversary of embarking on my health and wellness journey, the past few weeks have been a time for some reflection.  In some ways, five years seems like such a long time, but when I think of all that I have accomplished in that time period, I feel extremely […]

What’s Your Plan?

It’s hard for me to believe that we are within mere weeks of yet another holiday season.  While I love this time of year and Thanksgiving and Christmas very much it feels like the older I get, the quicker this time of year keeps rolling around! Everyone’s situation is different.  For some of us, the […]

Broken Record

If I sound like a broken record to myself, I can only imagine what I sound like to all of you.  Sometimes, as is the case tonight, there is just nothing new to report and other times, the posts may be repetitive because I feel the information is important and bears repeating.  As those of […]

Moving Forward

It’s so nice when we can see results for all of our efforts.  It’s good to keep pushing towards our goal no matter what, but it sure is easier to stay the course when you can see actual results.  I have stayed the course for many months now and while I am proud of myself […]

Progress Report

I hope everyone is having a successful start to their week.  I feel good about mine so far but I thought now might be a good time to give you progress report on a few things. I am finishing my third full day with no grapes and I have to admit, I am struggling!  I’m […]

Declaring Success

As you know, Thursdays mark the last day of my week as my weeks run Friday through Thursday based on my weigh-in being on Friday.  I realize that I am still about eighteen hours from stepping on the Weight Watchers scale, but I am already declaring this week a victory! Over the course of my […]

Successful Weekend

It’s a beautiful Monday morning here in Atlanta and I am feeling great about my week so far.  As you know, I consider Fridays the “official” start of my week, so I am already three days in, and so far, it feels like a successful one. I stayed on plan all weekend, which I normally […]

Refreshing Friday

I’m always amazed at how quickly Fridays roll around.  Weeks seemed so long when I was a kid and now it seems I blink my eyes and another one has passed.  I love Fridays for lots of reasons, but weigh in and my Weight Watchers meeting is big ones.  I’m always ready for a good […]

Customize Your Weight Loss Plan

I know in our culture it is very easy and often encouraged to follow the pack; do what everyone else is doing.  The older I have gotten, the more I realize how ridiculous this thinking is.  My personal opinion is that we all need to strive to be the unique individuals God created us to […]