Attitude: Exercise is NOT Evil

I can only imagine what some of you are thinking right now.  I know many of you have convinced yourselves that exercise is indeed evil and that people who participate in it on a regular basis only do so because they enjoy torture.  I have to admit that it was only a few short years […]

Losing Weight Is Only Part Of The Journey

Do you feel like once you lose the weight you will be able to declare yourself healthy?  I think sometimes the media bombards us with so much talk about how unhealthy it is to be overweight that we just naturally assume that once we have lost the weight, we will automatically be healthy.  I certainly […]

Leave the Gym to Workout

I am fortunate to have reached the point in my journey where I actually enjoy my workouts and I actually look forward to them.  It wasn’t always that way though and I know there are many of you who may be at the beginning of your journey who may still be adjusting to the idea […]

Move It To Lose It

Even if it’s not something you enjoy doing, I think it goes without saying that we all know there are overwhelming benefits to exercise.  In addition to aiding in our weight loss efforts, there are a whole host of other benefits including decreasing our risk of certain diseases, elevating our mood, and improving our overall […]

Out of My Comfort Zone

I know I have been talking about needing to change-up my workout routine, and I have been making small strides in that direction.  Last night, I stepped a little further out of my comfort zone and attended a Zumba class.  I have done Zumba before but it has been about two years so I am […]

Off On A New Adventure

I am so excited as today is the start of a new adventure for me.  As I have said, I had no idea at the time I started my weight loss journey that it was going to become so very important to me.   I had no idea that my desire to help other people achieve […]

Remember To Love Yourself

As we enter the month of February we are surrounded by reminders of Valentine’s Day and thoughts of love at every turn.  While most of us consider it important to love others and to have someone special in our lives to love us, we often forget how important it is to love ourselves.  I know […]

Seize Any Opportunity

As many of you may know, we have been “Snowed Out” today in Atlanta.  I am thankful to say that I was not one of the unfortunate people who spent the night stranded at a hotel or worse yet, in the car on the interstate.  I spent a total of four hours in the car […]

A Tale of Two Dads

As promised, today I want to talk about the health related motivation for weight loss and fit living that I received on Tuesday.  This experience also proves that motivation comes from many different sources and sometimes you have to look carefully to find those sources. When we are younger, it’s easy to get caught up […]

Pushing Past The Plateau

This week I am focused on trying to push past the plateau that I seem to have been at for the last year.  Given that I lost 150 lbs in sixteen months and in the last year I’ve only lost 12 lbs, you can imagine how frustrated I am. I am trying to take an […]