Three Signs You’re Ready to Start the Journey

The number one question I get is, “How did you lose the weight?”  I think a lot of people are hoping I will be the one to give them the “magic bullet” answer; the one where you don’t have to do any work, make any sacrifices, etc.…  The one where you just declare you want […]

Clean Slate

There is something refreshing about the start of a new year.  For me, it’s like a fresh beginning, a clean slate if you will.  It’s that point in the year where we have a very visible marker between past and future and it can be a great time for a fresh start.  However, it is […]

Start Wherever You’re At

I talked to a teller at the bank the other day who said she was trying to decide on a New Year’s resolution and was thinking about a weight loss resolution but she wasn’t sure she was at a good starting point.  That comment has given me a lot of food for thought over the […]