Celebration Inspiration

Like most of you, I am always looking for inspiration to keep me focused on my weight loss goal.  Some days, that motivation comes very easily, and other times you have to look really hard for it.  I find that my motivation comes in all forms.  It can be a quote, a Bible verse, a […]

So Close I Can Taste It

I feel like this week I have really experienced the power of writing my goals down.  It’s one thing to say you want to accomplish something, but it seems to take on a whole new meaning and direction once you put it into writing.  There is something about putting the ink to the paper that […]

Take Me Out to The Ballgame

Tuesday night was a perfect reminder of the rewards I get to enjoy after all of my weight loss efforts.  If you have never had a weight problem, there are a lot of simple, day-to-day activities that you take for granted.  One that I had never thought twice about until I gained all of the […]

All About Mom

This particular day is always a day of reflection for me as it was three years ago today that I lost my mom to lung cancer.  Her name was Sue and she was only 58 when she passed away. With all of the exciting changes I have experienced in my life in the last two […]

Wanna Bet?

Who among us does not need some extra motivation from time to time?  I know I certainly do.  And what better motivator than money to get us on track and doing what we know we should be doing?  Since I seem to be stuck at the same point (with only some minor fluctuations here and […]

Better Than Expected

Well, after all of my worry about how weigh in was going to go this week, I was pleasantly surprised this morning.  A week of being off track had me anxiously anticipating the number on the scale so it was nice to hear that I was actually down 1 lb.  Of course, this will not […]

A Tale of Two Dads

As promised, today I want to talk about the health related motivation for weight loss and fit living that I received on Tuesday.  This experience also proves that motivation comes from many different sources and sometimes you have to look carefully to find those sources. When we are younger, it’s easy to get caught up […]

Who’s That Girl?

Weight loss offers us so many rewards, health related as well as cosmetic, and all of them make the hard work worthwhile.  I have to be honest with you though, sometimes, those cosmetic rewards motivate me far more than the health rewards.  I know that sounds bad, but I am just being truthful. I had […]

The Weigh Fridays Go

Since I’m still in the process of helping my readers get to know me, I thought this would be a good day to explain the significance of Fridays for me.  It was not really “on purpose” that I signed up for Weight Watchers on a Friday; it just worked out that way.  On that first […]

Been There, Done That, Bought the T-Shirt

My name is Kassie and you may be wondering if I can really relate to your weight loss struggles, so I want to share the journey I am on from 370 lbs to 150 lbs with you to show you that I can relate, I understand, and I can help.  I was not always heavy.  […]