Playing Catch Up

I cannot believe I have allowed so much time to go by without doing a post.  If I have any readers left out there, I apologize.  Everything is going well and I am enjoying my new job very much but I am still working on my time management as far as fitting in the job, […]

Renewed Strength

I have to admit that I was a little down and out after weigh-in last Friday.  Though nothing had changed about my commitment to reach my goal, it’s easy to let the frustration get to you if you aren’t careful.  Fortunately, I have been around long enough to know that sitting around feeling sorry for […]

Are You Wishing or Planning?

I know it might seem like a silly question, but it really is a valid one.  Are you wishing to lose weight this month, or are you planning to lose weight this month?  It is incredible how much power our mind and our thoughts have over us and until you realize the magnitude of that […]

Admitting You Have A Problem

They say the first step to solving a problem is admitting you have one, right?  In that case, since I have identified a REAL problem in the last three days, its best I admit it to all of you now and start taking the necessary measures to undo the damage.  “Hello.  My name is Kassie […]

It’s A New Week

It’s Friday and I am ready to embark on another week.  I am feeling very successful and very motivated.  As I reflect on this past week, I see many good things I did that will help me to reach my goal.  As promised, I started my journal, though I have to be honest and say […]

Successful Weekend

It’s a beautiful Monday morning here in Atlanta and I am feeling great about my week so far.  As you know, I consider Fridays the “official” start of my week, so I am already three days in, and so far, it feels like a successful one. I stayed on plan all weekend, which I normally […]

Refreshing Friday

I’m always amazed at how quickly Fridays roll around.  Weeks seemed so long when I was a kid and now it seems I blink my eyes and another one has passed.  I love Fridays for lots of reasons, but weigh in and my Weight Watchers meeting is big ones.  I’m always ready for a good […]

Maintaining Your Motivation

Does anyone else ever reach that point where they feel like they are spinning their wheels on their weight loss journey but not really getting anywhere?  I think if you stick with it long enough, that feeling is inevitable.  I am at that point and I have really spent the last few weeks looking for […]

If Hunger Is Not the Question

Do you ever find yourself trying to solve a problem, besides hunger, with food?  I certainly struggled with emotional eating in the past and honestly, I still battle the problem today.  Because I am “aware” now, I am able to control the emotional eating whereas I seemingly had no control in the past but make […]

I Love Surprises

It’s Friday AND its Valentine’s Day, so I want to wish you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day and I hope everyone is having a wonderful day! As you all know, I had a setback last week (as in…a gain), but I vowed I was setup for a comeback and indeed, I was.  I am […]