The Definition of Insanity

This was the most appropriate quote I could think of to describe my weight loss efforts over the last several months.  We all know how long I have been stuck at the same point but the last few weeks put “the fear” into me as I was up more than 3 pounds each week.  My […]

Broken Record

If I sound like a broken record to myself, I can only imagine what I sound like to all of you.  Sometimes, as is the case tonight, there is just nothing new to report and other times, the posts may be repetitive because I feel the information is important and bears repeating.  As those of […]

Are Two Better Than One?

I think we can all agree that in many cases, two is better than one.  For example, I think we would all rather have two dollars than one.  In other cases though, one can be more than enough.  For example, having chicken pox one time in your life is more than enough.  When it comes […]

Success Indeed

I blinked my eyes and Friday is here again.  My goodness the weeks go by so quickly!  It rained all night last night (literally) and started out misty and gloomy this morning but turned into a beautiful afternoon; the kind that lets you know that spring is right around the corner. I headed off to […]

Wanna Bet?

Who among us does not need some extra motivation from time to time?  I know I certainly do.  And what better motivator than money to get us on track and doing what we know we should be doing?  Since I seem to be stuck at the same point (with only some minor fluctuations here and […]

Successful Weekend

It’s a beautiful Monday morning here in Atlanta and I am feeling great about my week so far.  As you know, I consider Fridays the “official” start of my week, so I am already three days in, and so far, it feels like a successful one. I stayed on plan all weekend, which I normally […]

Maintaining Your Motivation

Does anyone else ever reach that point where they feel like they are spinning their wheels on their weight loss journey but not really getting anywhere?  I think if you stick with it long enough, that feeling is inevitable.  I am at that point and I have really spent the last few weeks looking for […]

Change Is Scary

Not all changes are scary to me; some are rather exciting.  Stepping way out of my comfort zone is not a change that I consider exciting.  Unfortunately, I tend to get very comfortable in certain situations and breaking out of them becomes incredibly difficult for me.  Eating the same foods day in and day out […]

Frustrating Friday

It’s Friday and that means it’s my Weight Watchers meeting day and weekly weigh-in.  I always look forward to Fridays, even if I don’t think I’ve had a great week, because it’s my day for my accountability check and it’s my day to see so many friends at my meeting. I was holding out high […]

Pushing Past The Plateau

This week I am focused on trying to push past the plateau that I seem to have been at for the last year.  Given that I lost 150 lbs in sixteen months and in the last year I’ve only lost 12 lbs, you can imagine how frustrated I am. I am trying to take an […]